A woman in a Montenegrin shop

Montenegro souvenirs - unique and luxury gifts for everyone

As your holiday in our country is coming to an end, you start thinking about buying some of the most beautiful Montenegro souvenirs for your beloved ones. Whether you want to find an authentic gift that can only be found in Montenegro, or you’d love to find a luxury souvenir from these lands, it is up to you to decide what kind of summer memento you are looking for.

First of all, you must know to whom you are buying the gift. There are many interesting Montenegro souvenirs, in many shapes, forms, colours and prices, but the question is what will they like the most?

Luckily, there are many places where you can find and buy some of the most unique and luxurious Montenegro gifts of the best quality that will amaze anyone with their authentic designs and interesting purpose.  Here are some of the most popular items you can buy as perfect Montenegro gifts.

#1 Njeguski prosciutto and rakija - symbols of Montenegro

Montenegro is famous for its’ authentic, delicious food specialities and drinks for everyone’s taste. National cuisine varies from one region to another. If you are spending your summer holiday on the Adriatic coast, you will find high-quality seafood, while in the mountainous other parts of the country you can enjoy tasteful cheese and smoked ham. 

The most famous food speciality you can buy as a gift is Njegusi Prosciutto, a dry-cured ham with a special, sea salt flavour, originally from the small village of Njegusi. When it comes to drinks, the most beloved one, not just in Montenegro, but in all Balkan countries as well, is definitely a fruit brandy called “rakija”.

You can buy some of these products in local supermarkets or souvenir shops, all across the country but the best place for these authentic foods and drinks are markets, where people sell fruits, vegetables, fresh meat, fish, cheese, honey, flowers, bread, etc. Local salesmen will help you choose the perfect, unique products that will be great and delicious Montenegro souvenirs for everyone.

A man selling Montenegrin souvenirs

#2 Montenegrin wines - inevitable luxurious gifts 

Did you know that a vine making tradition lasts more than 2000 years in our country? According to the historians, it all began when Romans brought wine in this part of the world, and since then it remained a well-known practice.

Impressive history, high-quality grapes, a great technique of production and undeniable tastefulness are just some of the reasons why these wines are recognized to be some of the most wanted Montenegro souvenirs one can buy. 

Although there are many great Montenegrin wine brands, if you truly want to amaze somebody with a unique gift, the best among the best ones are dark “Vranac” and white “Krsta”.

Wine tours are very popular activities in Montenegro, especially the so-called “Crmnica wine route” and “Ancient Dolcea wine route”. There you can taste and shop some of the best wines in the country.

Besides on wine tours, you can find tasteful wines in many wineries, supermarkets and local shops. These products will truly be the best gifts from Montenegro, especially if the person to whom you are buying the gift is a true wine lover. 

#3 Impressive jewellery - beautiful Montenegro souvenirs

For many people, there is nothing more beautiful to receive as a gift than impressive jewellery that holds a special value. Handmade items are the most popular choices when it comes to buying perfect Montenegro souvenirs, and they can be found literally in every corner of the country.

Whether you are walking along the Adriatic coast, or hiking in the mountains, there is a great chance that you’ll find many shops and salesmen offering handmade jewellery – unique souvenirs from Montenegro. 

On the other hand, if you want to shop for expensive pendants, Montenegro jewellery stores are the best options for you. There you can find the impressive golden, silver, filigree, steel jewellery and watches. 

A man packing gifts

#4 Books and antiques - vintage gifts from Montenegro

If you want to buy truly special Montenegro souvenirs that will make someone’s interior more attractive and beautiful, you can choose between various books and antiques. Books on Montenegro history and culture, recipes of traditional cuisine, or guides of the most breath-taking attractions to visit, are always great gifts from Montenegro. 

Besides books, Montenegro gifts could also be vintage items, antiques, paintings, sculptures, postcards and stamps, military hardware and memorabilia, ceramics, contemporary jewels, porcelain, glass items, and so on.

Anything you imagine can be found at local markets, especially in old towns of Budva, Bar and Kotor. You never know what interesting item you can stumble upon at those authentic stops, where cheerful Montenegrin salesmen will help you find something truly special for your beloved ones. 


#5 Tasteful sweets are always great Montenegro souvenirs

Whether you know what you want to buy someone as a gift or not, sweets are always great options for anyone. You can find original Montenegrin chocolates and other candy that can also be an addition to the main gift. 

There is no person in this world who would be indifferent to most delicious products that everyone loves. No matter what you choose or not, sweets are often the most desirable gifts. 

#6 National attire and famous high fashion brands 

Montenegro national attire is among the most beautiful traditional clothes in the world. Any part of the traditional clothes can be a truly unique gift. There are special stores where you can get yourself some of the beautiful footwear called “opanci”, scarfs, Montenegrin folklore hats, blouses and so on.

Likewise in almost every country in the world, in Montenegro, it is possible to find high fashion brand stores of your favourite world designers such as Burberry, Tom Ford, Balmain, Dior, Granoff, Marc Jacobs, Rolex, etc. 

These high fashion brand stores can be easily found near apartment buildings, next to the beautiful marina, known for its’ luxurious resorts and mesmerising views.

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