PINKO clothing – immerse in the story of Italian art and fashion

PINKO is an innovative contemporary fashion brand that relies completely upon research and quality of Italian handcrafted fabrics, for original creations that are easy to wear.

Pinko clothing was founded in Italy, in the late 1980s, by Pietro Negra and his wife Cristina Rubini, with the aim of creating a brand for daring, independent women.

Today, the headquarters of PINKO brand are still in the north Italian town of Fidenza, and their daughters Cecilia and Caterina also joined the company, working in the Communication and Creative Department respectively – creating luxury brand without the ultra-luxury prices!

A touch of contemporary Italian fashion

The creative flair that has always identified PINKO and the highlight of all the collections is an intriguing dose of never ending and unpredictable femininity.

A fiery sunset in the wilderness and mesmerizing colours are the backdrops on how many PINKO clothing campaigns went through, framing some of the most glamorous and rock-star-like famous protagonists as their stars of femininity.

PINKO is the best response to the fashion needs of an independent, strong and sexy woman, aware of her femininity and determined to express it in different ways, but first and foremost – through her choice of style.

Acclaimed professionals for the successful image of PINKO brand

The PINKO collections stand out for its’ unique, eclectic, original and contemporary style, and a great appeal to women worldwide. Year after year, these women have contributed to the brand’s global image development and success.

Acclaimed image-makers and exceptional photographers have worked in partnership with PINKO clothing to create the best image, through campaigns that have made the PINKO brand immediately recognizable globally.

Terry Richardson, Steven Klein and Xavi Gordo have photographed a string of supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Elle MacPherson, Carmen Kass, Eva Herzigova, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Bosworth, Sara Sampaio, Barbara Palvin and Stella Maxwell.

Special projects and capsule collections developed with some of the most interesting designers and stylists on the international scene – like Mark Fast, Alessandra Facchinetti, Marina Spadafora, Viviana Volpicella and Nicola Brognano.

The perfect illustration of PINKO clothing high dynamic approach is always a focus on creative and talented people.

Creativity and an epitome of a PINKO woman

The epitome of the PINKO woman is elegant, sophisticated, with a modern approach. She fills many roles without having to sacrifice anything. She makes an impressive living filled with different experiences, as demanded by the modern world.

The PINKO woman is multi-faceted, with each facet revealing an aspect of her personality. From her job to engagements with friends and family, and shopping, she is always on the go and her style is impeccable on all occasions.

She is nothing short of a superheroine – and a heroine needs her uniform!

Fashion crafting brand

Innovation in the process of making PINKO fashion brand

Fringes and masculine type of jacket. Sequins and dark leather touch. Rodeo style boots, leather belt and a hat, teamed up with a sensual denim look. Inspired by all the shapes and details, PINKO clothing creates looks that are a spontaneous expression of femininity.

PINKO woman is an embodiment of strength, and her personality is key, while PINKO fashion brand movement adds a new dimension to the images. The PINKO fashion brand message is to be in a safe place where you can be creative without being judged and where you are free to choose.

Everything PINKO is so sparkling, so shiny, so – fabulous! Like a rock star having fun in Vegas and celebrating her success.

PINKO fashion brand – Love birds identified as all genders

P stands for Powerful, P as in PINKO – sparkling and striking. The Monogram logo is the perfect combination of a double P and the Love Birds, our super heroine’s faithful style allies.

Much more than a logo, the PINKO monogram becomes nothing less than a drawing combined in a pattern with a thousand glamorous lights distinguishing the woman wearing it and exponentially amplifying the power that that logo exerts in identifying the PINKO woman with her favourite brand.


What/Who is PINKO actually?

PINKO uses genders, sexuality and other terms interchangeably. They understand that people may have an attachment to a particular term, but what is important to us is the shared exclusion from being a privileged subject of gender.

Gay, queer, transgender or straight, we are all a surplus population for the gender regime which reproduces class – a style that does not recognise gender differences, that is constantly changing and learning of the world.

Yet new desires, new modes of gender, and new struggles are breaking open. As partisans of omnigender freedom, PINKO sees the present outlines of rebellion, a linking of sexual freedom and its’ potential with the real movement to abolish the present order.

PINKO needs and strives for new words, new trends and new images sufficient to speak both of the limits and potential of our time. In today’s struggles over the conditions of gender and labour, PINKO recognizes the signs of a new queer communist horizon.

The favorite of PINKO fashion brand – PINKO love bags

PINKO collection is probably the most famous for its’ mini Love Bag in tumbled leather. The leather strap closure with small metal stud decorations is finished with the iconic Love Birds metal buckle.

The interior is lined in microfibre and has a zipped partition with custom pull featuring a bird-shaped stud and a leather wall pocket. The 110 cm shoulder strap combines the new PINKO personalised metal chain with the practical leather strap.

Quality and “green” research – PINKO collection of love bags

Once upon a time, PINKO fashion brand from Italy and an American artist, Lucia Heffernan, created a fantastic collaboration inspired by their love for life, animals, and a better, greener world.

From this celebration of love for nature, a special capsule collection was born thanks to Caterina Negra designs and Lucia Heffernan famous paintings, featuring the iconic values PINKO women cherish.

The special project in collaboration with Lucia Heffernan is all about the greenest side of PINKO, which continues down its’ path to a more sustainable fashion, making it even clearer and more tangible with the new Love Bag Puff Recycled.

The bag unites the sophisticated and soft silhouette of the Puff edition with recycled canvas, an innovative eco-friendly fabric obtained from the recovery and recycling of plastic bottles, made even more special printed with the illustrations of the Lucia Heffernan for PINKO project.

PINKO fashion brand in Porto Montenegro

Experience an intriguing shopping journey with PINKO fashion brand in Porto Montenegro. Authenticate your product and discover a new kind of experience – telling a story through what we wear, because with PINKO – words are obsolete.

PINKO represents a unique fashion concept at a stylistic level, offering a strong identity and unmistakable style.PINKO clothing brand is available in Porto’s village, by the vast marina, in the Elena building.

Feel free to create your own style and state your personality through luxurious accommodation and PINKO clothes without being judged! A PINKO woman always puts herself on the line and thinks outside the box – getting ready to overcome every challenge, day by day.

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