Meet Sandra Lane who moved her consulting business “Handmade media” to Tivat in late 2018 and has since been a part of the local community. To share her experience in Tivat, Sandra answered some of our questions about her life in Montenegro:

Q: Did it make work/life easier? 

Sandra: Not easier but, bearing in mind all of the challenges of moving countries, the fact that it was “no harder” is a positive thing. I work remotely, for clients all around the world, and have what I need here – especially the absolute essential of full-coverage fast internet. Despite not knowing the language, it was very easy to set up my business, bank accounts, etc. thanks to readily available local expertise. Also, because it’s a village (literally and figuratively) help is always at hand…one contact leads to another…and “the kindness of strangers” is readily available and freely offered. Because the pace of life here is easier, the balance of work/life feels less pressured, even though my clients work to “international speed”.

Q: Why did you choose Montenegro?

S: I wanted to be in Europe but restricted from living within Schengen zone due to my passport. I came to Tivat on a visit, fell in love with the beauty and the “feeling” of the place and immediately knew that this was my “solution” to living in Europe.

Q: What are the benefits for your business?

Nothing specific because I work remotely, with clients in multiple time zones. Corporate tax rate is lower than in much of Europe.

Q: What are the benefits for your family or lifestyle?

S: Slower pace of life, wonderful light and air quality, wild nature and access to the water are both literally steps away. It’s still easy to find food products that are fresh and uncorrupted by the “food industry” …at very reasonable prices. Overall, reasonable cost of living and local services reduces financial pressure.

Q: What would you say to someone considering relocating their business affairs to Porto Montenegro?

S: If you are just vaguely considering it, do take a closer look. The benefits may not be immediately obvious and they go far beyond the purely rational/financial. I have found Montenegro to be good for the soul also.