A port view with yachts.

The ultimate goals of every real estate lifestyle enthusiast

One would say that luxury is easy to define – the bigger, the brighter, the ‘smarter’ – the better. The ‘wow’ effect; the head-turner, especially in the context of a house or apartment. To be clear, luxury property is always evolving, especially when it comes to style, desirable features and amenities.

There are certain subtleties to the definition of ‘luxury’, which we will try to elucidate to depict exactly what luxury is to lifestyle enthusiasts, especially when it comes to real estate, as well as highlighting the preferences and goals of every home buyer and showing how Montenegro properties fit into the picture.

Luxury port at sunset.

Is location really everything when it comes to exclusive property for sale?

Apparently not. Nowadays, traditionally prominent addresses and prized locations are not the most important baseline and concept for luxury homes, which really is great, as this allows new and extravagant ventures in more understated destinations to prove themselves. Those individuals with a net worth high enough to set the trends and expand the existing borders of real estate purchases, are often the ones who really seek the “untouched” locations.

We refer to real estate investors and those who enjoy a high-end luxury lifestyle, as those who most often search high and low to find a new and fresh opportunity that can provide prestige as well as a cost-effective investment. Such investors are more than ready to invest in premium property purchases in emerging luxury areas, such as Porto Montenegro, if the amenities and lifestyle offering is just right.

Another emerging trend in recent years is that both domestic, but most notably international property purchasers, are opening themselves to areas that were traditionally outside of their comfort zone. This is due to gentrification, driven by increased residential development and improved infrastructure.

Quite often, in fact, affluent young international buyers embrace the unconventional real estate hot-spots, and moreover seek developments that offer a premium and high-end service, sometimes regardless location. Being ‘new on the block’ definitely has its benefits here.

Luxury condos for sale have to provide experiential living

You have probably noticed that today’s wealthy buyers are more sophisticated, informed and globally exposed, not to mention educated, than the previous generation of baby boomers. Now, they are less materialistic and more experiential, the latter being exactly the word we will focus on in this definition of ‘luxury’.

As the worlds of high-value art, education, travel, luxury goods and architecture collide, all together, they create the luxury experience, or, experiential luxury. Think about it this way: most of the time, when you connect with a piece of high-end art or design, you won’t encounter it in some back-end, but situated in a luxury architecture and travel context.

Here, enjoyment extends beyond just ownership, and into experience, when it comes to luxury properties. This is one of the main things buyers look for when seeking a luxury home purchase, alongside other key property features.

Lifestyle real estate property for sale equals ultimate privacy

In this day and age, we encounter more privacy (and security) breaches than ever before. The world of social media has brought on an increasing desire to be isolated from the world, this is especially true for high-profile buyers or celebrities. Privacy is an ultimate amenity.

The impact of different channels through which we share information about ourselves has actually had the reverse effect, with many of us now preferring gated driveways, security systems, secluded areas and being outside of the public eye.

To conclude: the highest-end listings are characterised by ultimate privacy and seclusion – demands that are highly sought after.

Night view of a luxury port.

Luxury properties as prestigious collectables

For many affluent investors, acquiring collectables is a matter of ultimate prestige and is one of the most important parameters when buying a luxury property. Trophy real estate has always been deemed as a special kind of treasure, something to form part of a legacy and not necessarily be re-sold.

Collectables are often unique-looking and special-location-endowed properties, but that’s not all – collectables can be a real estate property in a destination you are deeply connected to and like to visit often. Once you come to own a property in this location, it becomes a collectable in its own right. Enter Montenegro.

What makes the Montenegro real estate scene so appealing? Standing out from the crowd is Porto Montenegro, the leading superyacht marina village and homeport in the Mediterranean, a luxury development that commands the most high-end property for sale in Montenegro. If you’re looking to make a long-term investment in Montenegro, look no further.

Porto Montenegro’s residential village is positioned along the waterfront, reminiscent of a traditional Montenegrin town with Venetian architectural influences combined with more contemporary design. Authentic meets classy in this luxury residential collection offering high-specification studios, 1-4 bedroom residences, duplexes and penthouse suites, with enviable views over the bay and of great appeal to foreign investors, yacht owners and affluent buyers.

If you’re buying property in Montenegro, you’re in the right place – Porto Montenegro boasts marble details and stone-tiled floors, custom-built kitchens, plunge pools, rooftop gardens and impressive bay and mountain views.

Porto Montenegro certainly falls under a new definition of luxury, with elegance and prestige redefined, making waterfront living the epitome of a premium investment.

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