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The World's Most Luxury Fashion Brands You Should Know About

When we’re talking about most luxury brands, especially concerning the most luxurious high fashion brands of them all, we usually hasten and connect the very idea of luxury exclusively with money, making the amount of money the sole indicator of what we consider luxurious, whatever that may be.

Being that we all have unique desires and preferences, with some of us loving cars, houses and yachts, those large and hard to miss statements of stature, or with the rest of us loving high fashion clothing, in all of its glory. Do not be mistaken, fashion too is a statement of stature and wealth, but it can be a very subtle one, if you want it to be and if you consider yourself stylish enough to pull it off.

Before we dive into the luxury pond filled with fashion brands which you can also find in our beautiful Porto Montenegro resort, with each one of them being a high fashion brand and one of the most luxurious in existence, let’s try to demystify the appeal and exclusivity of these brands, and the reason behind “everyone wants them, but not everyone can afford them” trend.

Continue to read and find out about the most expensive and premium high end brands in the world.

High End Designer Brands – Luxury Fashion Designer Names

When the theme is high end designer brands we should think about several things.

First, let’s try to get a grip on the facts: luxury apparel is the top-performing sector in a list of 100 companies, that also includes tech, consumer goods, automotive and financial industries, and even you weren’t familiar with the former fact, you have to conclude that that is a pretty extreme achievement.

The former fact also ratifies the statement made above – luxury is not defined solely by moneys worth. In fact, every luxury high fashion brand we are going to name has at least two things in common: an extremely talented and creative fashion designer and a tradition that, thanks to designers themselves, manage to last decades.

But, apart from tradition, which can hardly be the sole parameter for longevity of these notoriously famous brands, these luxury apparel brands possess a unique ability to respond to cultural trends, even to immerse themselves in street culture, all the while retaining their authenticity and a level of exclusivity, making them even more desirable to customers.

Knowing what we know now, let’s take a look at the most desirable luxury designer brands in the world, and the reasons behind their grandeur in the fashion world, icons of our day and age.

Miss Dior parfume.

Top luxury fashion brands and why we love them

Have you ever wondered why do we love the best luxury brands? 

The high end luxury fashion brands we are about to present represent the creme de la creme of the fashion world, and the luxury part of the global apparel industry estimated at 300 billion dollars of worth, so, behold the biggest luxury designer brands of the high fashion industry.

#5 Dior – Sophistication of high end fashion brands on point

Famously known as Dior, Christian Dior started as a premium brand designing haute-couture for women in 1946. He later expanded into Baby Dior for children and Dior Homme for men, and in 1947. Dior started manufacturing perfumes, naming the first one Miss Dior, one of the most famous perfumes in the world today.

Dior was one of the very first brands to present their full-fledged collection at their residence which was also their flagship store on 30 Avenue Montaigne Paris. His legendary collections Corolle and Huit, with 90 different looks, were dubbed ‘New Looks’ by Harper’s Bazaar. According to many, Dior is one of, if not the best luxury brand ever made. 

Dior also hit the American markets and expanded their brand into other segments such as makeup, perfumes, accessories, and in the same time managed to remain among the top contenders in the ready-to-wear and haute-couture segments with an estimated brand value of more than a few billion dollars.

High end fashion brands such as Dior are one in a kind in rich fashion history.

Gucci store on the street.

#4 Gucci –  Italian fashion Brand with A family legacy for eternity

The true legacy of Italian high fashion, the brand Gucci was founded in the 19th century, today considered to be among the most successful Italian high fashion brands in existence. It was founded by Guccio Gucci, who use to work in Paris as an immigrant hotel worker, always holding a close fascination with premium leather handbags hotel customers owned, propelling him to envision his own business model, the one that transformed him into the icon he is today.

He carried his idea to Florence, and started the company during the WWII, with his sons joining him afterwards, helping him expand the business to Rome, Milan, and eventually, the world.

His logo attracted a lot of attention, in the fashion world as well as the world of movie stars, who commonly posed with his bags, which opened a door to US market, and allowing him to open his first fashion store in New York, in 1956. After going through some turbulent times after passing of the Gucci Mello, the board brought Tom Ford as a creative director, a renowned designer himself, and today, Gucci is claimed to be one of the highest valued fashion brands in the world.

#3 Dolce & Gabanna – an epitome of class and one of the most luxurious brands

Dolce & Gabbana is relatively new compared to the other big old names among the most luxurious brands, but it didn’t stop it to epitomize class. It was founded in the year 1985 by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, molding the brand and  gaining popularity. They went on to tie up with a firm in Japan to launch their collections who exported clothes to the USA and that eventually catapulted them into the American economy.

In 1987. Dolce & Gabbana started knitwear collections and two separate lines of lingerie and swimwear, acquiring success they aimed for. Their clothes were a big hit amongst Hollywood actresses and wearing this label soon became a symbol of stature, wealth and class. Dolce & Gabbana eventually went into making perfumes and succeeded by launching some of the best fragrances out there, and their today’s couple of billion dollars revenue worth speaks volumes about the brand itself.

Burberry store logo.

#2 Burberry - the creator of a coat every woman dreams of

Burberry has been around for over a century, which makes it one of the oldest fashion brands in the world, apart from Hermes. It was launched by Thomas Burberry in 1856. in Basingstoke, England, and afterwards, he slowly expanded to Burberry London and Burberry Prorsum.

Their signature checkered khaki and plaid jacket is one of the first things we think of when someone says Burberry, as well as their luxury coats, who were first designed for the military, and then became popular among the civilians. They loved the design so much that the original pattern is an integral part of every collection, one way or another. With brand being worth more than a few billion dollars, its apparent that Burberry holds a special rank among the expensive brands.

#1 One of the most luxury fashion brands – Alexander McQueen

When most luxury fashion brands are debated Alexander McQueen is one of the first associations. The story of the Alexander McQueen fenomenon begins with his birth on the 17th of March 1969. in London. While in his teens, he already acquired the taste for fashion and was captured by design so much so that he left school, and took the apprenticeship with Savile Row tailors.

Acquiring traditional tailoring skill allowed him to move to something better suited to his theatrical character, that being costume at first. Within a decade McQueen had become one the most respected designers of all time, having a sustainable support by a magazine editor Isabella Blow, who was so swooned by his debut collection that she purchased it in its entirety, dedicating herself to promoting his work.

The rest is the history of according to many, one of the greatest high end fashion brands ever. Alexander was even appointed as a creative director of the likes of Givenchy and Gucci at some point, creating powerful and emotionally charged collections, followed by supreme quality and craftsmanship, always using premium high fashion fabrics, often shocking his audiences. After his untimely death in 2010, his long-time assistant Sarah Burton acts as his successor, staying true to his heritage.

So, this was our luxury fashion brands list, consisted of the most luxurious high fashion brands in the world, the legendary high fashion designers and their luxury brands that continue to dominate and inspire the fashion world to this day, their aspiration always in the service of  beauty.

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