Top 3 wellness investments opportunities in Montenegro - guidance for health and wellness investors

Wellness investments attract more and more attention every year. Actually, wellness investments are so demanded today that there is already profiled a group of investors, interested only in health and wellness properties, also known as – health and wellness investors.

We dedicate this article to them! 

It is no secret that the seaside is a natural choice for wellness realities and retreats. Montenegro is a country whose natural beauty is widely known and diverse. In combination with untouched mountain tops, the Adriatic coast makes a perfect foundation for a wellness base and developed wellness industry.

The global pandemic accelerated people’s comprehension of values such as wellness and general well-being. Once again, the Montenegro property market adapted to the newly adopted demands and trends

There are many reasons why you should invest in the Montenegro property market, and its adaptiveness is only one of them. 

Therefore, in the article below, we present you the top 3 wellness investments opportunities in Montenegro that are great value for money examples. That will allow you to live a life less ordinary in one of the most prospective Mediterranean countries. 

Yoga class on the beach

#1 Boka Place - multiple investment opportunities 

Montenegro has been a famous property market for investments for years now. There is a lot of reasons for it. Mesmerizing views on every corner, fantastic nature, favorably property prices, or tax reliefs – you name it. It seems like Montenegro has everything for a perfect life but an investment as well.

The Montenegrin government recognized the growing interest in this country and therefore introduced unique adapting benefits for those interested in investing in Montenegro. One of them is Citizenship by Investment program – a government-approved program that allows obtaining Montenegrin citizenship by investing within the country.

Considering this great benefit, our first suggestion for the excellent wellness investment must be – Boka Place within Porto Montenegro nautical village, situated in the heart of Boka Bay. Boka Place is one of the government-approved projects, which means that by investing in it, you can apply for Montenegrin citizenship.

SIRO vitality hub - the guarantee of an excellent wellness investment

This neighborhood is one of the latest Porto Montenegro projects built entirely according to the wellness lifestyle and needs. It is exalted with spacious botanical spaces that revitalize and awaken. In the center of the project, there is a 360° vitality hub managed by SIRO – specialized in wellness and lifestyle.

The residents of Boka Place can here enjoy the high-performance fitness club, studios for workouts, yoga, and dance. In addition, the wellness hub includes revitalization treatment rooms, an infrared sauna, flotation tank, cryotherapy room, meditation hideaway, and recovery lab. 

SIRO vitality hub is, in a sense, a guarantee of an excellent wellness investment, given that it is a verified unique experience by the perennial reviews. 

Even though the SIRO vitality hub is part of every Porto Montenegro project, what distinguishes Boka Place from the others are lower prices per square meter and participation in the Citizenship by investment program. Namely, Boka Place is a neighborhood closer to the highway. Therefore it offers a fantastic opportunity to get high-quality real estate for less money, and at the same time stay very well connected with other parts of the country.

If you are looking for an adventurous lifestyle – the proximity of the highway can be a fantastic benefit, given that Montenegro is a compact country. You can organize tours daily to some of the most attractive natural gems in this part of Europe, such as Durmitor, Lovcen, Prokletije, Skadar, Biogradska GoraTara, Plav, or some of the other many lakes and ancient towns.

To conclude, Boka Place represents one of the wellness investments opportunities in Montenegro for those looking for excellent mobility and/or European citizenship and an authentic Mediterranean lifestyle!

woman walking through forest

#2 Elena  Residence - for the health and wellness investors with refined taste 

While Boka Place is the most obvious choice for most people, Porto Montenegro took care that those looking for world-class wellness investment can find what they are looking for here, in Montenegro. 

Elena Residences are situated in the central boulevard location with attractive on-site retail and dining amenities, in the place where mountains and sea collide. Here, residents and investors will have the opportunity to experience intimate waterfront living and a life less ordinary in the contemporary design inspired by the Italian riviera. 

Elena Residences were named after the Elena di Savoia – Montenegrin princess who married the Italian heir to the throne, Victor Emmanuel, in 1896. The origin of the name should bespeak why this Porto Montenegro urban neighborhood emphasizes elegance and sophisticated luxury as a priority.

The closeness to the old Venetian towns and heritage, timeless aesthetic, and benefits such as residents-only pool and gym, 24-hour concierge, and access to exclusive owners club and dedicated lifestyle team distinguishes this wellness investment from others.

The holistic approach of well-being comes to the fore here – Elena Residences is an homage to Montenegrin multicultural history and an attempt to bring closer the royal lifestyle to the table to wellness investors interested in only the best. 

One cannot achieve a genuine connection with itself without a strong relationship with the roots, which is why Elena Residences is a perfect wellness investment opportunity. 

#3 Regent Pool Club Residences - next-level wellness investment opportunities 

Last but not least – we prepared wellness investment suggestions for those looking for an unsurpassed level of luxury wellness living – Regent Pool Club Residences within the Porto Montenegro residence complex. 

Elysian Magazine described this place as “where old world charm meets modern glamour.” Although this is not a standard wellness investment, this is a unique opportunity in this part of Europe. 

Regent Pool Club Residences are directly connected to the luxurious marina, therefore situated in the first line of the coast. Contemporary waterfront-inspired architecture combined with infinity pools, lap pools, and landscaped gardens makes this place one in a kind.

Living a wellness lifestyle is all about living a fulfilling life. That is why Regent Pool Club Residences offers its residents 24h lifestyle management team. Private walkaway to faculties and 24h security makes residents feel special at every step taken.

A holistic approach to living is impossible to be achieved without the balanced community around you. Here, at Regent Pool Club Residences, you will enjoy the company of like-minded individuals with similar interests, hobbies, and views.  

Porto Montenegro’s primary investors identified an overwhelming demand for yacht berths in the Mediterranean. Accordingly, they sought to create a world-class marina and thriving residential community to satisfy this growing demand. The same goes with the drawing need for wellness investments opportunities.


Porto Montenegro is a place that brings trends and novelties of the world’s most major real estate markets in this part of Europe.  The cooperation with renowned SIRO and emphasis on the wellness lifestyle only proved that Porto Montenegro carefully listens to the needs of its visitors and residents.

Given all of the above, and having in mind the ability to adapt to the new demands with high certainty, we can predict that the best wellness investments, and future investment opportunities in Montenegro, are those within Porto Montenegro residential villages.

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