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Victoria Bekam brend – upoznajte se sa modnim brendom ikone stila

We all remember Victoria Beckham as the 1990s pop icon, member of the pop phenomenon the Spice Girls. Later we witnessed her maturing from a cute girl to a delicate woman as she became the wife of the most wanted bachelor at the time – David Beckham. However, It would be unfair to associate her name only with a successful marriage.

Victoria Beckham has an enviable portfolio and background in the Fashion industry, she has walked the runway for Roberto Cavalli in Milan and has been a face for some of the most prestigious brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, and the street label Rocawear.

All of this has led to creating her label which is today known worldwide – the Victoria Beckham brand. Her first fashion lines succeeded to impress critics and the public and give her a credo of a sophisticated aesthete and serious designer-entrepreneur capable of creating a fashion empire.

Today we can say for sure that critics were right because Victoria Beckham groomed her brand into a global fashion label that now includes various high-end products every woman craves – dresses, handbags, denim, sunglasses, sportswear, and shoes. Continue to read and get to know the story of Victoria’s fashion empire.

Victoria Beckham brand identity – the voice of modern minimalism

The personal style of Victoria Beckham changed through time, as expected – from band stage uniforms she wore as Posh Spice, to serious businesswoman and posh style. What’s interesting though, is that Victoria has always been perceived and considered as one of the most stylish women in the world.

Victoria stated for Guardian that these days she thinks that wearing tight clothes in youth was a consequence of insecurity, however, these days she is leaning towards more comfortable pieces since she is always lacking time and on the move.

Considering her fashion lines and Victoria Beckham brand identity, she considers it as the voice of modern minimalism with a strong sense of sophistication. Victoria Beckham brand identity is an adaptation of Victoria’s personal style created to match the needs of the modern woman in search of bold and refined outfits.

The First Victoria Beckham brand collection debuted with a series of spring dresses but she quickly created a specific design signature with her neat-fitting and high-end tailoring. Each collection that came after represented an even more bold and refined design and the brand has expanded to include much more than a dress.

Fashion show

Victoria Beckham’s clothing line & ready-to-wear collection

Today, Victoria Beckham’s fashion line sells numerous fashion garments from footwear, bags, accessories to sunglasses and ready-to-wear clothes. Over time, the Victoria Beckham fashion line has teamed up with several other brands to achieve perfect products for their customers and fans.

Victoria Beckham’s fashion line encompasses not only designer clothes but also ready-to-wear designs, created to allow a contemporary woman to feel stylish and posh while doing her everyday activities and obligations. Minimalist, easy matching, and wearable high-end creations are made for dynamic and bold individuals.

Victoria Beckham jeans brand – denim for every occasion

We mentioned before that the Victoria Beckham brand mirrors the personal style of Victoria herself. Having that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the Victoria Beckham jeans brand is considered a high-quality product that fits perfectly to any type of body type and shape.

Victoria Beckham jeans brand offers a variety of different denim models from high-waisted jeans to mom fit that is flattering on any woman. We know that a quality pair of jeans offers the possibility to create versatile styles from everyday wear to more easygoing events at bars or restaurants.

Victoria Beckham denim comes in different colors such as sun-bleached blue or washed-out black, and they are a perfect match with an oversized shirt – an outfit no one can pull better than Victoria herself.

If you are opting for a perfect pair of jeans, flattering to your body shape and which will help you to make any look stylish and yet comfortable – the Victoria Beckham jeans brand is your best bet.

Fashion show

Victoria Beckham sunglasses – Victoria’s inviolable trademark

We can agree that some of the first associations with Victoria Beckham are a perfect pair of sunglasses that always fits her perfectly. Once again, it is no surprise that the Victoria Beckham eyewear line was one of the first that came out after the formation of the Victoria Beckham brand.

The Victoria Beckham range of sunglasses includes unique rimless square sunglasses, classic aviators, cat-eye styles, and many more.

As with every other piece of the Victoria Beckham brand, sunglasses from the eyewear collection are luxurious, sophisticated, and evergreen accessories that use already tested, traditional shapes, giving them a touch of playfulness and modernity.

Whether you opt for retro-inspired oversized designs or round frames, the Victoria Beckham brand ensures guaranteed quality and a successful purchase.

Reebok X VB collaboration – Victoria Beckham Reebok shoes

Victoria Beckham’s highly anticipated activewear collaboration with Reebok resulted in an impressive lineup that includes the perfect garment for a workout and outdoor activities. Within a collection, you can find high-quality tops, bike shorts, bags, and sneakers in the color palette, made from pleasant and premium materials.

Recognizable minimalist aesthetic characteristics for the Victoria Beckham brand and improved and known Reebok technology in combination created a line of comfortable and fashionable clothing for an active lifestyle.

The Reebok x Victoria Beckham collection gives a modern, minimalist approach to sportswear for both outdoor and indoor activities, and is a perfect option for all women who holds on to style and sophistication even when she is exposed to exertion.

Victoria Beckham brand in Porto Montenegro – a high-end brand in a luxury village

Victoria Beckham brand stores are not so often present in this part of Europe, so if you happen to be in Porto Montenegro, feel free to feel privileged. People who visit Porto Montenegro and Porto’s prestigious marina will have a unique opportunity to shop within a luxury shopping center for some of the Victoria Beckham brand pieces.

Victoria Beckham told The New York Times in 2010. “If you’re going to do something, do it properly, I think. Otherwise, there is no point in doing it at all.” And there is no doubt that she succeeded in her intention to create something outstanding out of her brand. Visit the Porto Montenegro luxury shopping center and see it for yourself!

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