Wellness interior design - how we “use” interior design for your wellbeing

Wellness interior design or wellness-focused interior design is just an elongation of the already widespread theme of a wellness lifestyle. 

Global pandemic brought these themes to focus once again, and it seems that they are relevant more than ever. The new, holistic approach to life encourages physical and mental health, unity, and general well-being.

However, it is important to stress that holistic philosophy brings another insight that is a direct product of current issues of society – individua can not be fulfilled, healthy and happy in an environment that is not.

That is why sustainability is relevant to value the wellness philosophy and the care for the healthy community and relationships. Once realized that an individual can not fully contend independently from surroundings, it is clear that the Interior can also impact both our mental and physical health. 

That is why we pay special attention to wellness interior design – and in the following article, we will present to you everything we do to make the interior in our development wellness-focused and pleasant to be around!

natural shadow and lightning

Natural lighting as a priority considering wellness interior design  

Natural lighting and lighting, in general, is an indispensable part of the conversation when wellness interior is a theme. Naturally, in our projects, we pay attention to this, which is why high ceilings and retractable glass doors are our signatures. 

If you are new to the wellness concept, you may wonder – how is interior design and wellness connected to the lightning?

The answer is simple – a wellness lifestyle is a holistic concept focused on physical and mental well-being. In addition, studies have shown an essential role of lightning for our mood and even behavior!

Humans need natural lightning. It is no secret – sunlight directly helps our bodies produce Vitamin D, which has an essential role in regulating mood, focus, and sleep patterns. Therefore, it is not hard to conclude how important it is to our well-being. 

The equation is simple – high ceilings with high glass doors and the sunny side of the Adriatic coast make a perfect combination that provides high vitamin D resources throughout the year.

Do not underestimate the power of artificial lightning in the wellness interior

Natural lighting is critical to humans – we are programmed to benefit from it. Natural light helps our circadian rhythm function precisely and successfully coordinate our bodies’ functions and needs – from digestion to sleep cycles, etc. 

If we remember that wellness is a holistic concept, it is obvious why natural light is crucial for general wellbeing. Vitamin D and precise circadian rhythm are a base for both physical and mental health – quality sleep and energy levels can help us feel good in our skin and help us make good decisions throughout the day. 

Many studies show that natural light improves productivity and focus, and given all of the above, it should not be surprising. 

But not only does natural light affect human well-being, but artificial lighting also has its effect. For example, intense artificial lightning may cause more intense emotions – both positive and negative. That is why you may find yourself relaxed the most when there is ambient or low lighting in the room. 

The temperature of the lightning is also essential, and it is recommended to use warm lightning in intimate settings or break rooms because most people find warm lightning relaxing and comforting. On the other hand, cold lightning is recommended for use in workplaces or sites where productivity or alertness is needed. 

Bad artificial light can negatively impact mood and lead to fatigue and drowsiness. Therefore, it is imperative not to underestimate the power of artificial lightning in wellness interior design.

That is why the residents and guests of Porto Montenegro residences will have the opportunity to enjoy a carefully professionally thought-out artificial lighting system and the possibility to adjust it according to one’s needs and mood. 

Sea and mountain view

Premium furnishings contemporary design from natural materials 

Now that we know how much lightning can affect mood, which is one of the main reasons behind the high-ceiling glass doors design, we should examine how decor and furnishing can also affect our well-being. 

Therefore, why is furnishing an integral part of wellness interior design? 

One of the ideas for Porto Montenegro decor is telling a story and following the set narrative. Therefore, an Italian-inspired decor was an obvious choice, given the history of Boka Bay and, of course, the very name of one of the neighborhoods – Elena Residences, which was named after Montenegrin princess Elena di Savoia, later wife of the Italian heir-to-throne Victor Emmanuel III.

Here, at Porto Montenegro, we wanted to balance out contemporary design with the enchanting heritage of this part of the country. For many visitors and residents, the pure aesthetic was enough to say that it could uplift their mood and make them feel better. However, knowing that wellness demands a holistic approach, we took care of many different things when we created a recognizable Porto Montenegro interior.

We cared for colors, knowing their power to affect mood and emotions. That is why a natural palette was our choice, bringing a sense of calmness and relaxation. Moreover, we used sustainable and natural materials, knowing that one could not obtain a peaceful mind without respecting nature and planet Earth first.

In the end, positioning matters, we know it, because we intentionally placed our village at the heart of Boka Bay – one of the most beautiful bays in this part of the world. But also know that positioning is essential indoors as well, and that is why our apartments feel spacious, functional, and balanced even when they are not the biggest by square meters. 

Extensive terraces and green spaces for revitalization and liberation

Last but not least – openness and spaciousness were vital for us. 

After the pandemic, we learned to value the freedom to move unlimited more. Therefore, open spaces, gardens, and spaciousness proved an incredible investing privilege and advantage. 

Extensive terraces with sea and mountain views, wide boulevards with green spaces, and luxury features such as infinity pools are just some of the reasons why visitors and residents of Porto Montenegro feel liberated and free here, as nowhere else. 

Explore the fantastic Montenegrin nature and multicultural heritage of this country, ennoble your life with timeless experiences, bits of knowledge and find your inner peace in it. 

If you are interested in investing in Montenegro, there is no better option than Porto Montenegro, especially if you are a health or wellness investor looking for certain opportunities. 

It is essential to acknowledge the privilege for the opportunity to invest, visit or even live in this Mediterranean gem, where everything is made for you to live life not only less ordinary but completely following your true self.

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