Your gateway to the rest of Montenegro - Where to stay and what to do in the Bay of Kotor

Everyone who visits the Bay of Kotor experiences it in their own way, whether they are artists, scientists, businesspersons or tourists, each experience is unique and is sure to influence all sensory experiences. Poet Ljubomir Nenadovic wrote his impressions following a visit: And I wonder how the sun can set when such beauties are nowhere to be found.

Kotor is a Montenegrin medieval city known best for its beautiful bay and mountains, rich vegetation around the coastal zone, and intriguing historical culture. You can discover the Bay of Kotor by following the old paths and winding roads along the Adriatic sea to the mountains’ twisting roads beyond.

It is delightful to survey the Bay of Kotor from a height. However, the sea view is the most fascinating – a small yacht or boat trip will make your experience exploring the Bay of Kotor truly memorable.

Do you want to know where to stay and what to do in Kotor? 

The truth is, it is easy to get lost in the labyrinth of Kotor streets’, but even easier to enjoy them. This article will guide you on your adventures in the Bay of Kotor when visiting Montenegro and open the door to a whole new world just waiting to be discovered.

Girl with a hat on the beach

What to see in Kotor?

Kotor has been tucked away between the mountains and the sea since ancient times. The spirit of it’s fascinating history lives on through Kotor’s architecture and residents, visitors will experience a zen-like atmosphere at the very first sight of Kotor and its magnificent bay.

You can see the blend of different cultures and the many conquerors who wanted to have Kotor for themselves through the cultural monuments dotted around the city. 

If you’re wondering what to see in Kotor, there’s quite a lot to add to your list the: majestic old palaces, magnificent churches, rugged hills, gorgeous shores and tempting food will have you never wanting to leave.

So, what to see in Kotor? 

Grab your backpack and get ready to travel.

Our Lady of the Rocks - an island formed from legend

This picturesque island is small but mighty, adorning the Bay of Kotor and upholding its image as the most beautiful European bay. According to the legend, Our Lady of the Rocks was created by fishermen finding the Mother of God’s icon on this ridge. The people decided to build a church in her honour. The Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Rocks is the largest building on the islet, and has its own museum and a small gift shop is close to the church so you shouldn’t go home without a souvenir. 

Perast - a city made out of stones

Looking to see as much as possible during your visit but don’t want to walk for miles? You don’t need to go very far to explore Perast, with only one main street along the coast, Perast boasts 18 churches and 17 formerly grand palaces along the way. 

This tiny town looks like a part of Venice that wandered on the Montenegrin coast and is home to around 300 people. 

What makes Perast unique is the building structures made entirely out of stone and the neighbouring island, Our Lady of the Rocks makes this one of the most striking destinations in Montenegro.

woman swimming in the sea

Kotor Old Town - the history of Kotor hidden inside medieval walls

Since medieval times, Kotor Old Town has been surrounded by walls from sea level up to 250m high. These city walls have survived many battles throughout Kotor’s turbulent history and remain in excellent condition.  

One of the most notable parts of Kotor, the Old Town is where history meets culture and tradition – preserved within the city’s four walls. The medieval architecture here is something to behold with a number churches, cathedrals, palaces with elaborate gates made by wealthy families of the past and museums to explore during your visit.

For a place with so much to see and do, Kotor Old Town is not very big – you could walk everywhere through countless narrow streets and squares within 30 minutes.

Where to stay in Kotor?

We already discussed what to see in Kotor, now it’s time to find a place to stay during your visit. We have a few suggestions for luxury accommodation in Montenegro to help you decide.

SIRO hotels - highly acclaimed luxury hotel

Are you driven by a passion for salty air, tasty food, sensational cocktails, a fitness lifestyle and a place where you can relax while having a good time? Boka Place has traditional waterfront charm, and SIRO hotels within Porto Montenegro invite adventure into the everyday. 

Visitors highly acclaim this luxury hotel chain. 

Nutrition is essential for our wellbeing and vitality, and SIRO chefs sure know how to make meals that promote a balanced diet using ingredients harvested locally and seasonally.

Fitness and wellness facilities include a pool, gym, sauna and steam room. This wellness hub awaits you at Porto Montenegro’s SIRO-managed residences, providing you with everything you need to relax while on vacation.

M Residences - access to an exclusive lifestyle

Those who like more space when travelling should choose the M Residences option within the Porto Montenegro nautical resort. All guests have exclusive access to discounted rates for boat, helicopter, yacht charter and car rental trips.

Access to a luxurious life filled with a dynamic calendar of events, from cocktails on the terrace at sunset to big concerts, exhibitions, fashion shows and sports activities on land and at sea are in abundance.

friends diving

What to do in Kotor?

As we already said, Kotor is surrounded by nature in abundance, people, cultural and historical heritage whilst also offering a thriving day and nightlife. From jazz clubs to old school bars, you can find music in this city for every mood.

When planning what to do during your stay in Kotor, keep in mind that there is no one easy answer. If visiting cultural monuments are already on your to-do list, consider going kayaking and experience the Bay of Kotor from another perspective, or explore the depths of the Adriatic and the magnificent sea life with a diving trip.

For those wanting to relax, spend the day at the beach, swimming in the pristine waters and enjoying good food and drink at one of the many cafes. 

Porto Montenegro - meet the Bay of Kotor up close

Did you know the Bay of Kotor has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979?

Porto Montenegro is a destination with a full-service marina and luxury residential village. From here you can meet the Bay of Kotor up close. Porto Montenegro also offers premium real estate for sale and rental in this Mediterranean gem, so you can even relocate here with a Citizenship by investment program.

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