Yacht Harbour Association - All You Need to Know

We know that a yacht is not just another boat, this vessel’s purpose goes beyond sole transportation utilization. Having a yacht is fun and exciting but it is also a symbol of opulence and prestige. However, being a yacht owner is much more than simply owning one. Have you ever thought about what the term “yacht ownership” stands for?

Besides the variety of benefits and obligations yacht ownership includes, it also offers a possibility to be part of a bigger community of like-minded individuals and a unique lifestyle. A lifestyle full of adventure, traveling and exploring destinations off the beaten track all over the world.

Yacht clubs, usually run and operated by experienced captains and boat owners provide owners with a space to connect and socialise. Whilst it is not mandatory for yacht owners to become a member of a yacht club, most enjoy being part of a close-knit group of like minded individuals. 

Accordingly, the more significant communities have been established to provide improvement of boating and yachting, as well as developing the marina industry. One of the most important world-known yacht associations is The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA), and here’s what you should know about TYHA.

Yacht on the sea

What is the Yacht Harbour Association a.k.a TYHA?

The Yacht Harbour Association was established to develop the marina industry by specifically supporting marina members of British Marine and International Members.

Namely, the purpose of the Yacht Harbour Association is to offer boat owners different types of services to help them find an appropriate marina for them, whilst also helping marinas worldwide to improve their visibility and their business. 

That being said, TYHA is an authentic kind of middleman that offers its expert advisory concerning a wide range of issues in order to improve the services of marinas, as well as to help yacht owners to find a good quality marina for their next sailing route

All of the services of the Yacht Harbour Association aim to save money and valuable time for yacht owners, as well as supporting developing marina management and work standards to provide both sides content. 

Why is it beneficial to be a member of the Yacht Association?

Becoming a member of the Yacht Association involves many different benefits and privileges. Namely, TYHA provides its members a wide range of services including professional advice concerning business growth, environmental guidance and training as well as marketing promotion. 

Being a member of the Yacht Association, and particularly TYHA, gives marinas the opportunity to improve external relations, engage with local and international government policies whilst also creating partnerships with other businesses and marinas.

The Yacht Harbour Association allows its members to create a valuable network within the marina industry by participating in different events and workshops. TYHA raises the visibility and publicity of its members by introducing and mentioning them in its prestigious magazine Fore & Aft. 

To establish standardised quality control and provide satisfactory information to clientele, TYHA has developed The Gold Anchor scheme. This scheme facilitates the evaluation and selection of the marina and its services to meet the needs of customers.

The Gold Anchor Scheme - a way for marinas to differentiate themselves

The efforts of TYHA members are recognized through the Gold Anchor global marina accreditation scheme, which is provided and administered by the board of TYHA. This recognition aims to honour the marinas which go above and beyond in their offering to the yachting community.

The Yacht Harbour Association’s Gold Anchor Scheme is dedicated to the efficient management of marinas. The four categories underpinning its strategy are quality, safety, environment as well as regulatory control. The TYHA promotes individual counselling for the continuous improvement of each port. 

The evaluation is carried out by a qualified, marina industry professional and the anchor rating is directly contingent on a customer satisfaction survey. We are proud to say that Porto Montenegro has been recognized and honoured by The Yacht Harbour Association with Platinum-rated marina services.

Yacht in speed

The Porto Montenegro marina - recognized by highly respected Yacht Association

Porto Montenegro marina, or as some would refer to it as Marina Montenegro, is one of the most famous marinas in the Mediterranean, and in the opinion of many, one of the best in this part of Europe. This is confirmed by numerous awards throughout the years, its recognition by TYHA alongside the loyalty of their customers.

A lot of passionate boat owners and captains are deciding to berth & moor their vessels here because they know they will be provided with high quality service. Porto Montenegro is the first marina ever to be awarded the 5 Gold Anchor Platinum accreditation, which is the highest status for marinas worldwide. 

Porto Montenegro deserved this accreditation not only because it is a full-service superyacht marina with great capacity, but also for giving a fantastic experience to clients who decide to berth here. 

The luxury complex of Porto Montenegro encompasses premium real estate, a 5-star hotel, exclusive retailers and numerous restaurants and cafes. Given all of the above, it’s not difficult to conclude that choosing Porto Montenegro provides you with the opportunity for a unique experience that can only be found in a world-class marina.  

Fantastic Services & Berthing Options 

Concerning the service & berthing options, Porto Montenegro marina features 450 secure berths accommodating boats from 12 m – 250 m in length, with both short and long-term berthing options tailored to suit each yachts’ individual needs available. 

Porto Montenegro is designed by mariners for mariners, offering a full-service homeport including maintenance facilities, tax-free fuelling, 24/7 yacht assist, gray and black water disposal, and many more platinum-rated marina services. 

The Porto Montenegro Yacht Club - meet the like-minded 

The Porto Montenegro Yacht Club (PMYC) is a place where all vessel enthusiasts can socialize in an informal setting.  In addition to socializing, the club is used to promote cruising and water sports such as regattas as well as sharing experiences in maintaining yachts

The club offers a wide range of amenities including leisure, health and fitness facilities ashore alongside many water sports competitions. Being a member of PMYC you gain access to many special venues such as Porto Montenegro Yacht Club’s beach facility and pool.

PMYC organizes a full social program at the Club itself and afloat, from radio-controlled yacht racing, paddle-boarding to social rallies for yachts and motor yachts set within the stunning setting of Boka Bay, the wider Montenegro coast, and the adjacent Croatian islands.

If you want to be part of this spectacular waterfront development and enjoy all of the services and amenities of a luxurious marina, we are inviting you to check out our accommodation with direct access to marina, ideal for individual or small groups. Enjoy luxury services on the coast as well as afloat, with the 24-hour concierge, private pools, and entertainment events throughout the whole year. 

TYHA’s General Manager, Jon White comments on Porto Montenegro’s 5 Gold Anchor Platinum accreditation

“Luxury marina facilities, high-quality food, and beverage, and exceptionally well-landscaped uplands are all essential to achieving the Platinum standard, the key, however, is world-leading customer service through dedicated concierge catering for every need of the owner, guest, captain, and crew.”