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YSL brand – a story of Yves Saint Laurent and his fashion empire

YSL brand is a high-fashion house founded by Yves Saint Laurent – one of the most celebrated fashion designers of the 20th century. His authentic and seductive style has gained immense popularity among the true fashion lovers, who consider him the most influential European fashion designer of the modern era.

The desire to create unique, quality pieces that will allow women to feel comfortable and elegant at the same time is one of the main reasons why Yves Saint Laurent designer is one of the most beloved fashion designers in history.
Some of his most iconic and revolutionary creations that became trademarks of YSL brand are the tuxedo suit for women, thigh boots, and the vibrant Mondrian dress with black lines, inspired by the famous paintings of the artist Piet Mondrian.

But did you ever wonder how it all began? How did Saint Laurent establish his YSL brand, one of the most eminent and famous luxury fashion brands that stand out for its modern and iconic designs.

Early years of Saint Laurent and his passion for design

Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint Laurent, best known as the famous Yves Saint Laurent was born in Oan, Algeria in 1936. in a french family. Since he was a little boy, he never missed a chance to express a great passion for art and designing clothes.

While he was growing up in a Mediterranean, he enjoyed creating paper dolls and unique dresses for his mother and two sisters. Laurent’s first fashion models, decades before his YSL brand muses, were just pieces of paper from his mother’s fashion magazines that he used for his own imaginary designs and accessories.

When he was a teenager, Yves Saint Laurent was dreaming of becoming a couturier, which led him to move to Paris and study at the prestige ‘French Federation of Fashion and of Ready-to-Wear Couturiers and Fashion Designers’. Years later, he was spotted by the editor of the French Vogue who introduced him to designer Christian Dior.

Saint Laurent designer – breaking into the world of fashion

Still young and lacking experience, Saint Laurent was eager to learn as much as he could and prove his enormous talent and capability working as an assistant of the famous french designer such as Dior.

Even though he has spent his first year designing accessories and decorating the studio for Dior, soon he was chosen to become a designer. After Dior’s death, at the age of 21, Yves Saint Laurent has become a head designer.

One of his most successful collections ever was in the year of 1958, where he introduced his “trapeze dress”. His later collections included authentic dresses with a narrow shoulder and hobble skirts.

Black bag

Founding YSL brand luxury fashion house in the 60s

After leaving Dior, being in the military for 20 days and spending some time in the hospital, in November 1960, Yves Saint Laurent founded his own fashion house with his partner, the industrialist Pierre Berge.

That was just the beginning of the huge success of the YSL brand that would follow years later.

The iconic fashion items of Yves Saint Laurent brand

During the 60s and the 70s years of the 20th century, Yves Saint Laurent designer was creating authentic and recognizable classic tuxedos for women, safari jackets for both men and women, tight trousers, thigh boots, etc. The famous “Le Smoking tailored tuxedo suit” from the autumn 1965 collection is considered to be his most successful creation ever.

He has become one of the greatest ‘ready-to-wear’ designers that brought a fresh, modern look and comfort into the world of fashion. Some of his most remarkable collections ever included Ballet Russes, Picasso, Pop Art, and Chinese motives.

In the year of 1966, Saint Laurent fashion brand was the first to popularize the idea of ‘wearing silhouettes’ and the ‘ready-to-wear’ collections. In 1971, Yves Saint Laurent brand presented his first YSL for Men fragrance that became one of the most popular fragrances at the time.

Besides designing fashion pieces that had that seductive ‘beatnik look’ and elegant, comfortable, and modern clothes for women such as the trench, shorts, safari trousers, jackets and the blazer, Saint Laurent fashion brand has also designed many costumes for movies.

Red lipstick

YSL makeup and Saint Laurent beauty line – popular creations

Saint Laurent beauty line is known for the amazing fragrances such as Y in 1964, Saint Laurent Rive Gauche in 1971, and Opium in 1977. One of the most beautiful YSL creations was their unique red lipstick that consists of the most beautiful shade of red that suits everyone perfectly.

In 1978, the YSL make up line introduced the famous colour pallets of the YSL brand. They were best known for its intense colours with beautiful pigments and shades which have become the best-selling makeup products on the market.

Yves Saint Laurent brand from the 70s until today

Since launching its first cosmetic line in 1978, great fragrances for both men and women, the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house has expanded, thanks to its great success and mass sale of his iconic fashion creations.

In 1993, Yves Laurent brand was sold to a pharmaceutical company Sanofi, and years later, in 1999 to Gucci who asked Tom Ford to design the ‘ready-to-wear’ collection for Yves Saint Laurent fashion house.

In 2002, Yves Saint Laurent died from a heart attack, which affected the closure of the couture house of YSL brand. Until today, Yves Saint Laurent designer is remembered as a true fashion genius who has created some of the most iconic clothes.

Each day, those amazing creations attract a growing number of high fashion lovers who enjoy his unique fashion masterpieces of this phenomenal brand.

Yves Saint Laurent film – a homage to the great world fashion designer

In 2014, Yves Saint Laurent film was released, which presented the life of this famous designer and the way in which he managed to present French fashion to the world in the best light.

In this way, the story of one of the biggest names in the world of fashion, who continues to inspire people around the world with his unique and elegant style, is immortalized, so everyone can enjoy a truly inspiring story of this magnificent persona.

Shop some of your favourite YSL clothes in Porto Montenegro

Today, Yves Saint Laurent brand has its fashion stores and collections in more than 40 countries all over the world. It is one of the most successful and renowned luxury fashion houses that gained huge popularity and respect since its foundation.

If you’re staying at Porto Montenegro and its luxurious and beautiful marina, you can go for a walk and shop some of the most iconic clothes of the Yves Saint Laurent brand that will leave you breathless and amazed for its quality fabrics and beautiful designs.

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