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Montenegro’s Outdoor Off-season adventures

Looking to swap summer sun for a winter wonderland? Porto Montenegro is a destination for all seasons thanks to the range of outdoor activities on offer during Montenegro’s shoulder months.

Hiking & Trekking

Unique & Unforgettable Hikes

With around 70 mountain peaks and 25 hiking trails to discover, Montenegro offers stunning views and a range of terrains and trails to suit all types of hikers. Some of the most famous peaks include Savin Kuk, Bobotov Kuk, Pestingrad, Maglić, and Maganik.

Stunning Trekking Routes

If you’re looking for something a bit more strenuous, Montenegro has a number of breathtaking trekking routes too. Some of the most popular start at Crno Jezero, but a smell mention to Javorovača Peak (a part of the country’s ski area) where you can enjoy nighttime floodlit hikes.

National Parks & Mountain Views

Montenegro’s Must-See Parks

Peaceful oases, lush green rainforest, hidden lakes, wild rivers and mountain peaks make Montenegro’s National Parks a must-see. Biogradska Gora, Skadar Lake, the UNESCO-protected Durmitor mountain, and Prokletije are particular highlights.

National Parks & Mountain Views

Admire the Views from Lovćen Mountain

Lovćen mountain is another national park ideal for winter exploration. Head to the top to admire stretching mountain vistas and breath in the freshest winter air around. Without summer’s scorching sun to contend with, you can spend a little longer at the top without melting!

Quad Safari

Quad Tours Perfect for Adrenaline & Nature Lovers

Drive through forest roads, ski slopes, villages, meadows and picturesque landscapes on a quad safari. Then savour traditional Montenegrin food in one of the country’s many eco-villages. Experienced drivers can go solo, but quad tours are also available around Lovćen mountain, Kolašin or Žabljak.

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