Bay of Kotor Montenegro

About Montenegro

A fortunate land

Montenegro. A country awash with the changing tides of history. Inextricably bound to its storied past, and yet with its face set firmly to the future, it is a treasure house of natural riches, of cherished cultural jewels, of revered traditions and heartfelt welcomes. Once the most closely guarded secret in the Mediterranean, today it calls to the world.

The New Era

Though relatively small, Montenegro is blessed with an array of natural and man-made wonders that belie its compact size, which, along with its fine Mediterranean climate, accessible location and rewarding cultural and culinary charms have seen it transformed into one of the world’s essential travel destinations.

A Proud Culture

A country forged in the flames of imperial intrigue, influenced by a diverse range of domestic and foreign powers, Montenegro boasts a culture that prizes honour, humility and integrity. Its people proudly revere their traditions and customs, and are generous in sharing them with visitors.

Exploring Montenegro

A short drive along the coast from Porto Montenegro, Budva is the country’s most visited destination, and is famed for its pulsating nightlife. Lake Skadar, in the country’s interior, is a paradise for nature lovers, particularly birders. While the craggy interior promises undiscovered trails through verdant forests, and some of the continent’s most unspoilt ski slopes.

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