Bay of Kotor

Bay of Kotor

Beauty beyond words

A glittering, glistening butterfly, swathes of cerulean blue edged by verdant mountains. Protector and provider, haven and home, siren song and comfort to the mariners of a millennia. Carved by the sea in time before memory, its beauty and serenity, once lived, can never be set aside.

The Centre of the Adriatic

For centuries, the Bay of Kotor served the ships of many imperial powers. Once home to a 1,000-strong Venetian fleet, its strategic location and sheltered, broad waters ensured its importance well into the 20th century, when it served as a key naval port, first for the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and subsequently for the Republic of Yugoslavia.

The Bay Transformed

Once a busy naval base, the coastal town of Tivat on the Bay’s western shoreline led the way in the bay’s transformation into a modern travel destination with the inauguration of Porto Montenegro. In Montenegro’s new era of glamour, noted the influential journal Condé Nast Traveller, “Porto Montenegro is the original anchor.”

On the Water

The Bay is a sublime setting for sailing, boating and maritime pursuits of every kind. Yachts of every size – from nimble dinghies to spectacular super yachts – ply its tranquil waters. Prestigious regattas draw elite racers in search of sporting glory. While others are content to bathe in its matchless beauty from the comfort of a gently swaying hammock.

On the Land

Along its considerable length, the Bay of Kotor is dotted with picturesque towns and villages, rich in history and blessed with a wealth of architectural wonders. Here, travellers delight in the bounty of both land – wine born of the Balkan Vranac grape variety; and sea – a cuisine that celebrates some of the Mediterranean’s finest seafood.