Boka Bay in Montenegro

The best beaches in Montenegro

The small Mediterranean country of Montenegro is special for a lot of things. Sometimes it’s called a jewel of the Adriatic, a pearl that offers you a whole lot when it comes to the travel experience – tall and sharp mountains, sparkly bays, the bluest sea, rich history, medieval coast towns, not to mention great food and even greater people.

If you decided to visit Montenegro and stay at our gorgeous resort of Porto Montenegro, then either you’ve come for an adventure, a time spent in the fresh, mountain air, or long and hot vacation on the soft Montenegro beaches. In that regard, that is, if neverending days of summer are your primary goal, we present you some of the most beautiful beaches of Montenegro.

The most beautiful beaches in Montenegro you will fall for too

Believe it or not, but beaches are precisely those spots where the true adventure starts, where you can indulge yourself in sun bathing, strolling, enjoying the feel of the crystal blue waters, and that is exactly what you get while wandering the Montenegrin picturesque coastline, bedecked with some of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro. And here are some of them.

Mogren Beach - dubbed as the best beach in Budva Montenegro

When talking about the best beaches in Budva Montenegro beach resorts are often packed here, but Mogren usually stands out as this beautiful, cliff-sheltered beach, at the close proximity of the Budva Old Town.

It’s quite easily accessible thanks to the coastal road, quite unique looking thanks to the split made by sharp and rugged mountains. This beach offers a lot, but people mostly love it because it’s a perfect place to unwind, get cosy on the brink of the sparkling sea.

Jaz beach - Budva Montenegro strikes again

Just a couple of kilometres away from Mogren beach, there is another that can be described as a perfect destination fitted for all age groups and interests. Jaz is quite literally a little piece of heaven in the Boka Bay, surrounded by lush flora, a beach that is always considered among the top 10 beaches in Montenegro – and trust us, it’s for a reason.

To top it all off, Jaz is quite popular for another reason as well – The annual Sea Dance Festival, a summer fraction of Exit festival. This festival takes place directly on Jaz, with hordes of world-wide famous musicians having a go, and being some of the participants.

Dobrec Beach on the brink of Herceg Novi

If, say, you went on a cruise meant to help you discover the wonders of Boka Bay, and during that cruise you visit Herceg Novi, this is a beach you should definitely give a try, especially since we are talking about the best beaches in Montenegro.

Dobrec promises crystal clear waters, great seafood, a sheltered cove and a lovely beach made of pebbles, whom children especially seem to love. This beach prides itself with having an amazing restaurant with local seafood recipes that will make you want for nothing else. This private pearl on the Boka Bay will surely inspire you to come back.

Sandy beach in Montenegro

Copacabana beach Montenegro - Ulcinj

Copacana beach in Ulcinj is also known as “Velika Plaza” (Big Beach in litteral translation). It represents an impressive 12 km long beach, filled with powdered sand and surrounded by clear and shallow waters. Due to favourable wind conditions, this beach is extremely popular among water sports enthusiasts, who deem it one of the best beaches in Montenegro when it comes to options they can choose from.

Apart from water sports, there are numerous bars and seafood restaurants along the beach, where you can catch a breath and take a break from the sun.  


Lucice beach in Petrovac - one of the most beautiful Montenegro beaches

Even though Petrovac is known for attracting a large amount of visitors every summer, Lucice beach managed to remain unspoiled and pristine, and therefore, a real joy to visit on the summers. Lucice is a true example of an intimate Montenegro beachfront, being that the beach access is shaped like a small bay, surrounded by pine trees and olive groves. 

What also makes Lucice beach one of the top beaches in Montenegro, especially for families with small children, are shallow waters ideal for paddling, or very first swimming lessons. 

Ada Bojana - a sandy wonder near the Albanian border

Ada Bojana is one of the most beautiful Montenegro beaches with sand, starting juste where Velika Plaza in Ulcinj ends, and going straight toward the border with Albania. Unlike Velika Plaza, Ada Bojana has a water deep enough for swimming. Ada Bojana is actually an island situated at withing two river branches, and connected to mainland by a bridge. 

It use to be one of the most famous naturist resorts in the Yugoslav era, now having an area set aside for those who are not in the mood for taking their clothes off. Ada Bojana also possesses that unique Robinson Crusoe charm, with modest and authentic looking open-air restaurants worthy of the atmosphere of this long and bare sand beach.

Beach in Tivat

Plavi Horizonti Montenegro - Tivat

The literal translation of the name means “Blue Horizons”, and trust us, this beach is a personification of the translation itself. Located at the natural cove on the Lustica peninsula, Plavi Horizonti is a beach with the finest sand in whole of Montenegro. To top it all off, this beach is bordered by tall pine trees, rocky coves and crystal clear, shallow waters, ideal for children.

Apart from having an amazing aqua blue colour, the waters are also placid and therefore, safe. It’s perfect for families due to it’s peaceful atmosphere and heavenly environment, forever praised as one of the top beaches in Montenegro.

What defines the most beautiful Montenegro beaches?

Our tiny but stunning country boasts with only 100 km of the shore from one end to another, and yet manages to have some of the most beautiful Mediterranean scenery ever. Here’s what makes it special. 

Sparkling waters and Venetian fantasy wherever you look

Montenegro beaches are surrounded by the most stunning nature – at times you’ll see tall mountains piercing the clouds, and other times there will be a detail, an architectural marvel your gaze will fall upon, transporting you to another era. 

The Boka Kotorska itself is spectacular to look at, but imagine being able to actually sunbathe next to the medieval legacy of Montenegro. Pristine waters with swimming terraces are scattered all across the bay, with mountains and dark hills occasionally dipping into the steely blue waters of the Adriatic sea.

Wild and authentic beaches accessible by boat

Beaches can be crowdy, especially during the busy summer months, but nevertheless, if you wish to go for a dip or a dive somewhere with a more space, or even open sea, you can always catch a water taxi to some remote beach or a cove, usually half wild, but most definitely beautiful. Going by boat is usually the only way to reach this kind of beaches.

Sublime views along the long, forested bay

Montenegro beaches, and Montenegrin nature as whole, leave no one indifferent. Along the bay you can always discover a spot to absorb the pleasant and intimate atmosphere of summer, almost tangible here. A stunning natural environment enclosed by pine trees, cypresses and olives are enough to invoke the feeling of paradise lost.

However you decide, all of these beaches are equally considered among the best beaches in Montenegro, especially easily visited from our beautiful Porto Montenegro marina, a place where you can start your journey of discovering our beautiful little country.