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Montenegro Nightlife – Meet Podgorica, Tivat, Kotor, Budva at night

Montenegrins pride themself on the fact that Montenegro nightlife is one of the best in the region.

The case with many Mediterranean destinations is that they tend to get the most alive during the long summer seasons. Montenegro is no exception. In fact, you could say that nightlife in Montenegro is fully concentrated in the coastal towns, that are able to welcome a great number of tourists every season. Podgorica is an exception though since its nightlife is not that seasonal, but other, smaller cities can’t say the same.

Since the Montenegro weather is so tender, it usually calls for hot summers with equally hot nights, where having a good time is not only an option – it is essential. Apart from tourists, many of the locals, especially those living in the coastal part of the country (Podgorica mainly) love to spend summer holidays on the coast, experiencing the warmest season of the year in the most profound way – discovering Montenegro nightlife.

Continue to read and explore vivid nightlife scenes and see for yourself that in Montenegro party never stops! We prepared a list of the best clubs Montenegro can offer!

Podgorica Nightlife – Enrich Your Tourist Experience

Speaking of Montenegro clubs, the Montenegro capital of Podgorica is often deemed as one of the best clubbing scenes in this part of Europe. As we already mentioned, Podgorica nightlife is scene is always awake, due to its independence when it comes to seasons and trends. The night clubs, cafes, and taverns really bring the city to life.

Most of the trendiest and the most popular cafes are located in and around Vectra district, the newest and the most modern part of the city. During cooler months, your best options are taverns and bars, but in the summer, the open-air bars and clubs are the places to be. The biggest flaw of these places is that some of them are required by law to turn off the music by 1 am, which is why most of the all-nighters are located in the basements in the city center.

The clubs are most crowded on Fridays and Saturdays, and one of the most important factors to determine before you decide to get into one is music. Why? Well, most of the time, Podgorica nightlife, and often Montenegro nightlife in general, is focused around folk music of the ex-Yugoslav countries, if not for the entire night, then partially. If you are a foreigner, you might find this difficult to enjoy, which is why you should opt for dance or EDM music clubs.

Bar Skaline – Inland Beach Bar & Clubs Feel

Bar Skiline is one of the best open-air nightclubs in Podgorica, located in the confluence of rivers Ribnica and Moraca. Despite being inland, it really possesses that beach club Montenegro feels. This is a great place to spend time during the daytime especially if you’re visiting some of the greatest attractions of Podgorica – the old Ribnica bridge. Enjoy your morning coffee while looking at the old bridge and the fortress in the distance.

Montenegro Cafe Pub Podgorica – downtown fun

Montenegro nightlife in Podgorica just got richer for the alternative and rock’n’roll music fans – with a pleasant atmosphere in the town centre, day or night, this is a place to be, if you want to listen to some high-quality music and live performances of bands or DJs.

This pub was opened recently, with a goal to offer something unique and different, and the sure succeeded, having organized so many rock concerts with the most popular names in the country and the region.

Pool party

Cafe Berlin – a tourist gathering point

Thi cafe is definitely the tourist favorite when it comes to Podgorica nightlife. Not only it’s a gathering point, but also a spot that makes you feel as if you are somewhere else entirely. How? Well, mostly thanks to the antique and arty interior, but also because of the high-quality sound ranging from the classic rock to contemporary pop-rock.

Tivat nightlife augmented by Porto Montenegro

Tivat nightlife phrase should definitely be renamed Porto Montenegro nightlife, given that all of the best bars and clubs are located in the most elite part of town. Previously we introduced the nightlife scene in the county’s administrative and cultural centre, and now is the time to take you through the epitome of luxury and lavishness.

Being one of the most beautiful marinas in Boka bay, it is no surprise that Porto Montenegro became the centre of Tivat’s clubbing, as well as the dining scene. A stunning marina is a home of a premium experience enriched by a range of inviting and high-quality bars and clubs, even more, available to you if you are lodged in gorgeous Porto Montenegro rentals.

Crush Wine Station for Wine Lovers

This is a premium wine bar in every sense of the word, featuring an assembly of carefully selected wines, including regional favourites, as well as some hidden classics and gems of the established wine regions of the world. The selection of wine you can order by glass changes constantly, which is why your every visit to this place turns into a special experience and spices up your  Montenegro nightlife vibe.

The Notorious Club Platinum – lavish and modern

This notorious club is established in the Marina Village of Porto Montenegro, bringing world-class entertainment and premium service at the Adriatic doorstep. Platinum is easily the most sophisticated nightclub in Montenegro, and the region, if we can be so bold. This is a place worthy of every VIP, mainly thanks to its ability to bring the buzzing atmosphere of the world’s greatest nightlife capitals such as London or New York, putting Montenegro nightlife in the limelight.


The Black Sheep Gastro Pub – Tivat downtown

Since we didn’t want to let Porto take all the credit, here is a nice, cozy and actually, the first pub in Tivat. This pub is known for offering a wide range of different beers, whether bottled or on tap, even having a selection of increasingly popular craft beers reserved for true beer worshippers. Apart from beer, the gastro part of this pub ensures a delicious menu filled with pub classics and local favorites crossovers, such as calamari and whitebait.

Budva nightlife – Montenegro finest Party

You could say that Budva is probably the most famous city in Montenegro when it comes to nightlife, basically a place that guarantees a good time. Budva nightlife offers many famous clubs and discos mainly on the riviera, rife with modern ambience, friendly staff and a pleasant atmosphere.

During the summer months, you could say that Budva is an undeniable capital of Montenegro nightlife. Actually, you could say that refers to the entire region, without a doubt. In Budva party never ends, being that the vast majority of people are on holiday here, whether locals or tourists.

Here, Montenegro nightlife falls into categories – bars and pubs, open-air pubs, Budva beach club and Budva night clubs, which we’ll devote special attention to. The reason behind it is the fact that if you want to visit the best Montenegrin clubs Budva is the place to be. The old town joints tend to be a little more low-key than those located along the waterfront, where everything is Much more unhinged. The traditional clubs in the city centre, like Trocadero, are still a must-visit, while Top Hill is a class of its own.

Top Hill – In Budva Party Never Ends

Top Hill is the largest disco club in Budva, also renowned as being one of the most beautifully designed nightclubs in the Balkans in general. The interior of the club has a capacity of 5000 people, which is why it’s a great fit for performances of various musical artists. This club is situated at the top of the hill near Budva, hence the name.

Trocadero – the Eiffel of Budva Montenegro Nightlife

Trocadero sort of has a cult status speaking about the best nightlife in Budva, and to some, the best nightlife in Montenegro. It is located on the Slovenian beach, near the promenade, easily recognized since it resembles the Eiffel Tower. Here you will often catch famous regional DJs and gigs of regional stars when dancing the night away is a must.


Sparta – Budva Clubs for a Night out to Remember

Unlike Top Hill or Trocadero, Sparta is located in the heart of Budva. Sparta is without a doubt one of the most exclusive and best-equipped clubs in the region, often cited as the leading nightlife in Budva. Here you will always engage in a hot atmosphere woven with the sounds of R’n’B and house music, unbeaten lighting effects, authentic interior, mixed with the performances of the some of the most famous DJs in the world.

Kotor nightlife – a fortress in disco lights

The town that breathes the history of Montenegro doesn’t really evoke that celebratory vibe, especially when concerning Kotor nightlife. That’s the first impression, of course, Kotor is full of life with various carnivals and manifestations taking place over the course of the year, as well as many nightclubs complementing the long summer nights.

If you are looking for a romantic bar old town of Kotor will be the right address to visit!

Kotor nightlife mainly revolves around nightclubs, bars, and discos, with bars mainly concentrated in the Kotor old town. Many of these joints are located on the streets and squares around the old town or within the actual walls of the town, which mainly refers to open bars – kind of a habit when it comes to Montenegro nightlife.

Bars are not allowed to play music after 1 am, but not to worry, you’re inclined to prolong your night in some of the nightclubs in the city. Whether you are looking for a romantic atmosphere or a party until the sun goes down old town Kotor will offer the best.

Maximus – dormant until the sun goes down

Maximus is another one of the Montenegro nightlife highlights. It is located in the centre of Kotor, with the capacity of 4000 people able to enjoy the supreme quality sound of various music genres. Maximus has been the host to some of the most famous names of house and electronic music, such as David Guetta and Fatboy Slim, to name a few.

Each bar in the club functions as a separate stage, with a distinctive music style, while the main stage is equipped with party and light props, as well as a DJ booth in the middle of the dance floor. The lounge bar and saloon, on the other hand, have a much more relaxed atmosphere.

Wine Street Kotor – authentic winery and traditional cuisine

This is a bar located in the Kotor old town, an authentic place where you can taste some of the best Montenegrin local wine, as well as enjoy some of the most authentic Montenegro nightlife, pun intended. Here you can also try out a wide range of national dishes, participate in group tastings or presentations that are often held. In any case, an ideal place to spend a relaxing evening.

Citadela Open Bar – glamorous and refreshing Montenegro Nightclub

Citadela Open Bar is a signature place in Kotor, one not to be missed out on. Here you can truly unwind with great food, refreshing drinks and a stunning view of the Boka bayThe remarkable terrace has seating for 400 people, and is open throughout the whole summer season.

Nightlife in Montenegro brings out a whole other dimension when it comes to discovering our country and fully enjoying it. There is nothing quite like dancing the night away in a beach club or spending a relaxing evening in a supreme wine bar on the waterfront, watching the sunset, so we hope our guide will help you with Montenegro nightlife exploring in a glorious summer celebration of life.

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