Montenegro weather - year round guide

You’ve always planned to visit Montenegro, but never had a chance to organize your trip effectively, due to bad weather conditions, or a bad timing in general. Either way, weather is a factor none of us can’t ignore especially when we’re really eager to discover someplace new, in the most comfortable way. 

Sure, there are storm catchers and adventurers among us, but for the rest of us, climate is an element we always consider regarding our travel plans. Montenegro is a special snowflake, that we can tell you upfront. Montenegro weather is an ever changing thing, depending on geography mainly. 

For those of you who are looking for a more than a summer vacation, cruise or a typical holiday, and want to discover our charming country in a more profound matter, take a look at our Montenegro weather guide containing useful tips for planning your next trip.

Family enjoying pool time

Montenegro weather summer summary

Most people intend to visit Montenegro during summer months or, looking at a more extended time frame – between April and October. This period of time is definitely the most rewarding when it comes to discovering and enjoying Montenegro to the fullest, having the best flight, tour and yacht cruise options.

The most popular region to reside at during this period is Boka Bay and the best accommodation are Porto Montenegro rentals, without competition. When it comes to Montenegro weather in separate cities, the situation is not that different looking at the Herceg Novi weather or Tivat weather conditions.

Montenegro weather on the coast

The summers on the coast are always hot and dry, with brief, intense storms lasting no more than an hour. The temperatures generally range between 20 and 39 degrees during the day, especially in July and August, with sunny days almost guaranteed. The evenings are still warm and therefore perfect for walks on the shore, trying seafood specialties in beach restaurants, or maybe partying the night away.

Ulcinj weather is slightly more enhanced in regards to the rest of the coast, since it’s located in the southern part of the coast. That said, the summers are more hot and sunny, though tempered by the breeze, while the Bay of Kotor is sheltered resulting with Montenegro climate being milder here.

Outside of this period, you will uncover that most of the coastal residences are being sealed off until the summer season, but this should not worry you since Montenegro climate is diverse, and offers a wide range of other options to plan your trip.

Storm in the mountains

Montenegro weather in winter

Being a Mediterranean country, it is safe to say that Montenegro weather in winter does not get brutal. In fact, the temperatures range between 0 and 15 degrees, most of the time. Winter time in Montenegro can be perfect to spend time outside, with your jacket on, of course. 

Of course, not everything is perfect as sometimes rain keeps falling for eternity, making the landscape lush with green. The counterweight to rain is a north wind that actually ensures the absence of rain, but nevertheless requires additional layers. 

Montenegro weather in the mountains

In the beginning we already mentioned that Montenegro climate depends mainly on country’s geography, which is highly evident in the Montenegro mountains, whose interior is entirely different from the shore. The Montenegro weather in the mountains remains cool even during the summer, which can be a welcoming change for everybody who needs a break from the summer heat, and here is where you can do exactly that.

Recharge your batteries in Žabljak

Žabljak is located on the mount Durmitor, representing 2 out of five National parks of nature in Montenegro. These little gems are made for walking, hiking and generally relaxing, with great hotels and service available. Here you can ski during winter, while the summers are balmy, with temperatures ranging from around 20 and 30 degrees during the day.

A day trip to Lovćen

Speaking of Montenegro weather Budva, Herceg Novi, Tivat, Kotor and other coastal towns are a great choice when it comes to swimming and sunbathing, but there is one unlikely choice that is a true revelation, leaning just over them – Lovćen mountain. Lovćen to is a National park, hiding magnificent green flora and wild fauna, but apart from enjoying wildlife, if you’ve already asked yourselves what to do in Montenegro, Lovćen is a supreme getaway.

Sun peeking through the clouds

Ideal Montenegro weather for cruising and road tripping

As we previously mentioned, there are certain months of the year which are simply made for visiting Montenegro, however you see fittest. For example, you are not expected to opt for cruise in winter, or going on a road trip with 30+ degrees outside, which is why we’ve made a mini-guide, having in mind these circumstances.

Montenegro weather in June and September - cruise all time favorites 

When it comes to choosing a perfect time for going on a yacht charter along the bay, or some more elaborate one, June is absolute perfect, since it’s the beginning of the summer season, and it’s not that crowded yet. 

This time of the year is also great if you have decided to go on a Mediterranean cruise altogether, with Montenegro being one the respectable stops on your journey. While making a break and catching a breath in our waters, the best possible decision you can make is to berth in the Porto Montenegro marina, the best and and the most functional marina in the whole country. 

This is also a great decision regarding the rest of your journey, since you can easily continue in any possible direction you’ve planned, without circling or going for alternative sailing routes.

On the other hand, weather in Montenegro in September is made for all of you who’d like to avoid the peak of the season, and stroll the half-empty beaches and uncrowded roads, but still delight in plenty of sunny and warm days.

Montenegro weather in May and October

Speaking of perfect Montenegro weather May is a cooler month in our country, but made for adventuring and succumbing in activities that require a nice, but not too warm weather. This is an especially great month for sight-seers, since you’ll be able to check-out some of the most well known Montenegro sights, as well as being able to make some great road trips across the country.

Weather in Montenegro in October is similar to May, with main difference being that May is sort of a warm up for upcoming summer season, while October is an ideal month for all hiking and mountaineering lovers. It’s a lot cooler than in summer months, but still warm enough to spend some relaxing days high up in the mountains. 

We hope our year round Montenegro weather will help you plan your trip better and more in sync with your wishes, when it comes to discovering our secluded Mediterranean gem.

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