Living in Montenegro as an Expat: Montenegro Expat Guide

If you are considering living in Montenegro as an expat, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered, starting from the location you should choose as your base and the conditions you will need to fulfil in order to relocate to this beautiful country of sea and mountains.

Relocating to another country gives you a chance to start over and rebuild your life, and living in a beautiful Mediterranean country such as Montenegro can be ideal for a life full of harmony and great adventures.

For every good start, it can be useful to have a good guide. That’s why we created this useful Montenegro expat guide. Here you’ll find information and tips & tricks for living in Montenegro as an expat, such as the cost of living in different cities, as well as the pros and cons of living in Montenegro.

Save the precious time you would spend searching for answers on a Montenegro expat forum by reading our practical guide to the expat life in Montenegro!

How to choose the best place to live in Montenegro?

Wondering what is the best place to live in Montenegro? You won’t be surprised that there is no exact answer to this question.

As an expat, the first thing you need to do when choosing where to live in Montenegro is to compare the cities in Montenegro. Start by looking at the options for real estate purchase and rentals, as well as schools and kindergartens, the cost of living and job opportunities in case you don’t come here for work, etc.

If you are considering becoming an expat, Montenegro has a lot to offer. Here’s a brief introduction to the Montenegrin cities popular among Montenegro expats.

Expats in Podgorica – living in the capital

Podgorica is the capital of our beautiful country and a place with a developed expat community. Living in Podgorica gives you the opportunities to live, work, study, and most people fit in very easily.

The city is pretty modern, with the urban centre and City Square, which is the main place for companies, restaurants, bars, and retails. There is also a less urban part of the city, that is perfect for families. Unlike other capitals, Podgorica is not frenetic, and the traffic is really easy to deal with.

Geographically speaking, Podgorica is a good base for those who are looking for easy access to travel. Podgorica provides routes in all directions, from the sea to the mountains.

Budva – the city of opportunities and contrast

As a city of contrast, Budva combines a bustling modern city centre with a rustic and antique old town. That’s why it can easily become the best place to live in Montenegro for various different groups of Montenegro expats.

Budva is a charming city, famous for its nightclubs, modern beach bars, and crowded restaurants during the summer season.

Over the years Budva has become one of the most notable commercial centres in the country, primarily due to the income from tourism. Choosing Budva as the place of their new life in Montenegro can be great for people who need excitement, modern places to go out, work opportunities, or even chances for business development.

If you are seeking a less crowded place but still want to be in touch with the urban world, you should check the Budva suburbs – areas such as Becici, Rafailovici, or Sveti Stefan.

Palms near sea

Tivat – enriched with a luxury and abundant lifestyle

Living in Montenegro brings a whole new dimension, for those who choose Tivat as their home.

Thanks to Porto Montenegro and luxury tourism development, Tivat’s once outdated living conditions have been transformed. Living in Montenegro as an expat can be truly amazing in this gorgeous city.

Placed in the most beautiful part of Boka Bay, Tivat flourishes in the best way. For example, here you can find one of the most prestigious international schools, a peaceful neighbourhood, and a luxury resort development with an award-winning Superyacht marina nearby.

When it comes to transport, Tivat is the only city on the Montenegrin coast that has an airport, which is an important advantage for foreign citizens.

Kotor – become a citizen of UNESCO world heritage town

With one of the most unique and preserved old towns, Kotor took its place on the UNESCO world heritage list. From a touristic point of view, it is one of the most popular places to visit,  but also a favoured destination for living in Montenegro among many Montenegro expats.

If you want to live here, get ready for a lot of tourists and events every summer season. When it comes to nightlife, there are a few clubs at your disposal all year round. Additionally, living in Kotor Montenegro can be a really good choice for those who want to start and develop a business.

Being placed in the deepest spot of the bay, Kotor is a bit cooler than the rest of the cities on the coast, which is why it is considered one of the best places to live in Montenegro for those who find hot summers uncomfortable.

Lake and forest

Living in the continental part of the country

Although not as popular as the seaside, the continental part of the country can also be a good place to start your new life. Areas with developed tourism, such as Cetinje, Durmitor, or even Lovcen are especially well-liked among Montenegro expats.

For nature and mountain lovers, the national park of Durmitor is a beautiful place to live. You’ll be given a lot of outdoor space to create your home with easy access to the urban areas.

The climate here is convenient with fresh summers and snowy winters. A truly magical place for life in Montenegro, in case you want to be completely immersed in its stunning nature.

And the best part?

When it comes to the cost of living, Montenegro is a great option, but the continental part of the country might be what you are looking for if your priority is affordability. Continental Montenegro has lower real estate prices compared to previously mentioned tourist centres. Since there are fewer tourist destinations in the continental part, naturally, life in Montenegro is generally more favourable here.

The Pros & Cons of Living in Montenegro

If you’re moving to Montenegro from the UK, the US, or any other country for that matter, you may have difficulties choosing among all the amazing places Montenegro has to offer. In that case, good old pros and cons list can help you make your decision and identify all the conditions you’ll have to consider while living in Montenegro as an expat.

Here’s the “living in Montenegro pros and cons” list!

Pros of living in Montenegro

  1. Access to citizenship – not only that the country has a clear and arranged path for those looking for a temporary residence permit, but it’s the same for those who need to obtain citizenship as well. You can find valuable information about Government approved program Citizenship by Investment here.
  2. Affordable cost of living – compared to EU countries, Montenegro has an attractive low cost of living and affordable utilities
  3. Low taxes – for the living standard that Montenegro offers, the country has surprisingly low taxes and a tax system without any hidden surprises
  4. A country with beautiful nature – stunning nature with both seaside and mountains is a rare attribute for a country of this size
  5. A place for everyone – whether you are seeking adventure, luxury boat sailing, hiking, eating in fancy restaurants, or drinking a beer at a beach bar – you can find it all in Montenegro

Cons of living in Montenegro

  1. Touristic country – as in every touristic country, you can see a big difference in and out of the season
  2. Language – touristic employees speak English, Russian, Italian, and other international languages but when it comes to local people the language barrier can be a challenge

Montenegro quality of life – choose the best for yourself

There are a lot of EU and US expats living in Montenegro, but given all of the above, it is no wonder many of them choose Montenegro for retirement, studying and working! Whether you are relocating with your family or alone as a digital nomad Montenegro can provide you with everything you need to feel at home.

When it comes to living in Montenegro – the quality of life can be very high. As we previously mentioned, Porto Montenegro brought a new point of view when considering living conditions, creating a life less ordinary. This is a big shift not only for Tivat but for the whole country. Following Porto Montenegro’s example, a lot of seaside towns raised their living standards.

As for those looking to relocate to Porto Montenegro, being part of this luxury community comes with an abundance of advantages – a high social status, as well as business and life opportunities for the whole family. There is no doubt that Porto Montenegro is one of the best places to live in Montenegro.

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