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Moving to Montenegro: Your Complete Guide

You’ve finally decided to make your dream come true and purchase a property on the beautiful Adriatic coast of Montenegro? You cannot wait to enjoy all the benefits of living by the sea in your new, phenomenally renovated home?

But before the realization of these long-awaited, beautiful moments, have you ever really thought about what moving to Montenegro really looks like? What are the necessary steps without which moving to Montenegro is an almost impossible mission?

Although it might look like a piece of cake, relocating to Montenegro can be very challenging and complicated, especially if you are not properly informed about the whole process.

In order to make the whole relocation process go smoothly and without any problems, here is what you need to know before relocating to Montenegro.

#1 Good preparation before moving is mandatory

In the last decade, the Adriatic coast has become one of the world’s most popular locations for relocating. Many people from all over the globe have been dreaming of living at the sea, and Montenegro has become on the top of their lists.

But, moving to Montenegro requires good preparation months, or even years before the final move. Since this country is quite small, the rules of immigrating there are very strict and demand to be respected to the maximum.

Moving to Montenegro for work – all the necessary documents

For U.S. citizens, there are several ways to get permanent residency in this country. First of all, if you’re moving to Montenegro for work, you can expect permanent or temporary work residence permit.

To apply for this you’d need: valid passport, diploma, no criminal record certificate, birth and marriage certificate, property possession certificate.

In Montenegro, you’ll be able to prepare medical insurance documents and the translation of all the documents. That should be done by the licensed translator.

Relocating to Montenegro for study, marriage or else

Moving for study will allow you to get a student residential permit to live in Montenegro. If your reasons for relocation are because of the marriage and you’re marrying a Montenegrin citizen, you will get a permanent residence in the country.

For those who are relocating because they’re buying a realty, if the value of their property is pretty much high, above a certain value, they can apply for residency.

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#2 Make a checklist before moving to Montenegro

After a good preparation that includes all the necessary documents, it is good to make a detailed checklist of the moving steps in order to have a good control of the whole moving process.

Here’s what that list should look like:

  • Apply for residence on time, months before the arrival
  • Hire attorney and real-estate agent that will help you find a property
  • Find a good moving company
  • Get informed about all the tax and legal requirements
  • Set up a bank account in Montenegro
  • Learn how the whole system works in this country

Once you’ve made the checklist, it is time for action!

#3 Decide which type of property you want to buy

Before moving to Montenegro, you need to decide which type of property you would like to buy. There is a wide range of realities that are available for sale, and many of them are located in tourist areas.

The most popular types of properties in this country are:

  • Apartments along the coast, with a sea view
  • Villas that are closer to bigger cities, with beautiful gardens
  • Plots of land that give you endless possibilities for building a dream home

Standard set of taxes when purchasing a realty in Montenegro

Whatever you choose to buy, it is good to set a budget limit that you are willing to spend on real estate. When you find a perfect kind of property, you’ll have to pay a standard set of taxes.

If you are considering an existing property, a transfer tax is about 3% of the assessed value. For notary fee, expect spending 0.01% of the property value. On the other hand, if you’re purchasing a new property, you’ll have to pay 21% of the property value.

#4 Find an experienced immigration attorney

One of the most important things to do, before even thinking of relocating and purchasing a real-estate in Montenegro, is to find an experienced immigration attorney who’ll help you get through the whole process without any problems and irregularities.

It is crucial especially for those who don’t speak Montenegrin language and it can facilitate the whole process around relocation and clarify any ambiguities that could potentially slow down or disable such a process.

An immigration attorney could help you throughout the process of getting a residence permit, buying property in Montenegro, hiring an accountant for taxes, opening a bank account, etc.

Attorney’s fees are approximately 100eur to 1,000eur per transaction.


#5 Hire a professional real-estate agent in Montenegro

The best and easiest way to find a perfect realty in Montenegro is to hire an experienced real-estate agent who will deprive you of wasting time and wandering in the dark while trying to find what suits you the best from real estate.

As a foreigner, you are allowed to buy property in this country only through a reputable agency, with professional help from its trained agents, because otherwise you could be dealing with paying more money than it is necessary.

Great agent is the one who will negotiate the best price for you and who will always be available to answer all of your potential questions and perplexities during the process.

Real estate agent’s fee is about 3 to 6% of the property value.

#6 Moving Service in Montenegro can be very helpful

Once you’ve purchased your dream home and arranged all the necessary documentation before moving to Montenegro, the final step is to find a great moving service that will relocate all of your stuff into your new property.

There are moving agencies in Montenegro that operate worldwide and include air, land, and sea transportation of their clients’ belongings. They are specialized in full-service relocation in the most efficient way.

Experience the life in Montenegro like a domestic citizen

Relocating to Montenegro is one of the best decisions you can make in your lifetime for various reasons. Living on the coast, surrounded by the beautiful Montenegrin nature, while experiencing their culturedomestic food and drink can be a perfect thing for your soul and mind.

This European country, alongside the Adriatic sea, is an amazing place to relax, explore its rich history and important, historical sites. You can enjoy numerous fun activities on the water or land, and feel like a real domestic citizen among the kind people of Montenegro.

Visiting or moving to Porto Montenegro

If you are visiting or moving to Porto Montenegro, you can enjoy its amazing marina, which is a perfect place for your yacht or boat, eat in the best restaurants on the Adriatic coast, shop the clothes of your favorite luxurious brands, relax at beautifully landscaped beaches, etc.

Whatever you dream of doing in Montenegro, you can make that dream come true and live your life to the fullest in this miraculously country that is unlike any other.