How to get Montenegro citizenship and passport – learn all about it

As years go by, How to get Montenegro citizenship is becoming a more and more frequent question.

There are many reasons why there has been an increase in demand for Montenegrin citizenship and passports over recent months. Montenegro has a lot to offer its citizens – an astonishing environment and surrounding nature, a vivid European lifestyle and easy access to other European countries.

In the following post, we will take you through the process and conditions for obtaining a Montenegrin passport. So, if you’re wondering how to get Montenegrin passport and citizenship, look no further – read our article and learn everything you need to know.

How to Get Citizenship in Montenegro – Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for obtaining citizenship in Montenegro are regulated by the Law on Montenegrin Citizenship ratified by Parliament in 2008 and amended in 2010, 2011, 2014, 2016 and 2019.

The applicable Law allows four cases in which citizenship can be obtained:

  • By origin
  • By birth on the territory of Montenegro
  • By admittance
  • Based on international treaties and agreements

#1 How to get Montenegro citizenship through “the origin” clause

Article 5 of the Law on Montenegrin Citizenship regulates conditions for acquiring citizenship through Montenegrin origin.

This can be acquired by a child whose both parents are Montenegrin citizens at the time of the child’s birth. However, if only one parent is a Montenegrin citizen, the child has to be born in Montenegro in order to obtain Montenegrin citizenship.

If the child is born in the territory of another state, it has the right to Montenegrin citizenship if one of its parents is a Montenegrin citizen at the moment of the child’s birth, and the other is unknown or stateless.

Article 6 considers some special cases such as adoption etc. 

#2 How to become a Montenegro citizen through the “birth on the Montenegro territory” clause

It may come as a surprise, but being born in Montenegro will not automatically gratify your citizenship. Law on Montenegrin Citizenship apply Jus Sanguinis principle of citizenship by which nationality is determined or acquired by the nationality of one or both parents.

If the child’s parents are unknown, and the child is born or found in the territory of Montenegro, they will have to request Montenegrin citizenship before they turn 18 years old.

#3 How to become a citizen of Montenegro through the “admittance” clause

If you meet one of the above-mentioned requirements, congratulations! You can submit a request for citizenship in Montenegro. However, there are quite a few demands to fulfil.

You can obtain Montenegrin citizenship if:

  • You are over 18 years of age
  • You are discharged from the citizenship of another state
  • You have a lawful and uninterrupted residence in Montenegro for 10 years, before submitting a request for citizenship
  • You have the accommodation and guaranteed source of income in Montenegro that is enough to provide you social & material security
  • You have a clean criminal record
  • You have a basic knowledge of the Montenegrin language
  • There are no obstacles in regards to the of security and defense of Montenegro
  • You have settled all legal obligations such as taxes before applying

Now, if you’re wondering how to get Montenegro citizenship even if you don’t fulfil all of these requirements, there is still a way to do so. Namely, you can still be granted citizenship if the Montenegrin government recognizes your work in the national, economic, cultural, sports, or scientific fields as a potential interest to the country.

Montenegrin law requires lawful and uninterrupted residence in Montenegro for at least five years with a spouse, to apply for citizenship. However, it is also possible to qualify if you have been married to a Montenegrin citizen for at least three years.

#4 How to get Montenegrin passport and citizenship based on international treaties

Montenegrin citizenship may be acquired based on ratified international treaties or agreements signed by Montenegro.

How to get Montenegro Citizenship - The Procedure for Establishing Montenegrin Citizenship

The procedure for requesting Montenegrin citizenship may seem complicated, but please don’t feel intimidated. With a couple of exceptions and special cases, getting Montenegrin Citizenship is not a particularly demanding procedure.

To successfully submit your application, you will need to provide some personal documents for yourself and your family members including the following:

  • An application form for citizenship
  • A notarized passport copy (certified with an apostille)
  • An original birth certificate/extract
  • An original marriage certificate/extract
  • A health insurance policy, valid in Montenegro
  • A medical report, assessing your health for infectious diseases
  • A document proving the origin of funds for your investments and fees

After you submit your application, an official government agent will evaluate and determine whether you are a suitable candidate for Montenegrin citizenship.

The advantages of having a Montenegrin passport

If you’re contemplating how to get Montenegro citizenship, or even if it’s worth all the work, you should know that there are many positive aspects to being a citizen of Montenegro and holding a Montenegrin passport. Since the declaration of Independence, Montenegro has been transitioning to a market system based on financial investments, especially in the real estate and tourism sector.

The country’s economy has seen steady growth, and the economic citizenship program concluded the government’s efforts to attract foreign investors and further consolidate the Montenegrin economy.

With a relatively stable economy, and its incredible environment and position, Montenegro has a lot to offer to its tourists as well as its residents.

#1 Excellent connections to the rest of Europe

Even though it is one of the smallest countries in Europe, Montenegro has an enviable strategic geographical location with direct access to the Adriatic Sea.

Along with a Montenegrin passport, as a citizen of Montenegro, you will have excellent global mobility with visa-free access to 124 countries.

Porto Montenegro is one of the world’s finest superyacht marinas and residential villages which further contributes to the mobility and possibility to travel & visit neighbouring countries.

Having all this in mind, it is clear that you should not ask yourself if you should become a Montenegrin citizen, but rather how to get Montenegrin passport and citizenship.

#2 Amazing environment and high quality of life 

Known for its natural beauty, situated between sea and mountains, with a mild Mediterranean climateMontenegro gives limitless possibilities for an active and healthy lifestyle. Known best for their hospitality and friendliness, Montenegrins invite you to experience an authentic European lifestyle with vibrant nightlife whilst also enjoying the benefits of low-cost living.

The growing awareness of the importance of quality of life has further positioned Montenegro as one of the best property markets for buyers who prioritize their well-being. So, if you wish to make an investment in Montenegro while also providing yourself and your family a place to spend a life that will bring you well-being, Montenegro is a good place to do so.

#3 Great opportunity for investment due to low taxes

The property market in Montenegro has been known as a stable investment for years, with numerous taxes and other reliefs attracting foreign investments. Montenegro provides high-quality and luxurious real estate for reasonable prices so it should come as no surprise that this country has become a choice for many celebrities and renowned businessmen to invest their wealth in.

Buying a property within Porto Montenegro’s residential village gives assurance of safe investment within an array of accompanying benefits such as favourable taxation, a thriving international community and peace of mind. With its newest development, Boka Place, Porto Montenegro now offers an opportunity to also apply for Montenegrin citizenship upon purchase of the real estate in the SIRO hotel-managed complex.

If you’ve been wondering how to get Montenegrin citizenship, we hope our article helped clear your doubts. 

There are more than enough reasons to consider Montenegro as your future temporary residence or place for investment. We strongly recommend seizing this marvellous opportunity to provide yourself citizenship for life, and a life worth living – in the land of Montenegro.

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