Montenegro adventures you must experience

If within yourself hides an adrenaline junky, than you already know that a common holiday, or even a common travel arrangement is not suited for you. You are person who likes to feel the wind in your hair, enjoy natural surroundings and spend days on end discovering some destination. You need the taste of true freedom. 

If one of those destinations happens to be Montenegro, than Montenegro adventures are tailored and ready for you to embark on them. We always believed that adventure is one of those crucial factors that makes your heart grow fonder when witnessing the wonders of some destination, which is why we would like to suggest certain adventurous ways for you to experience our charming country. 

Also, by being accommodated in our stunning Porto Montenegro marina, most of our adventure highlights will be highly accessible to you in the means of transport and proximity, as well as regarding planning your routes and activities. And here are some of them.

Adventure in Montenegro awaits on every corner

Montenegro adventures are literally present on every corner of the land, which is why we’ve created a sort of a mini guide for an adventure holiday Montenegro, so you could easily, first hand decide what kind of an adventure is the most suitable for you, and which region should be your first choice. 

Northern region is reserved for mountains and rivers

The mountainous region of Montenegro is filled with stunning natural sights that just happen to be filled with adventure. The Tara river canyon offers a variety of options regarding Montenegro adventures, Black Lake is not lagging behind, and natural wonders of Bjelasica leave no one indifferent. 

Tara river rafting - Montenegro adventure to remember

Tara river is one of the main reasons the nature explorers and adrenaline junkies visit Montenegro. Also known as the Tear of Europe, Tara river canyon is famous for being the longest canyon in Europe, and the second largest canyon in the world, after the Grand Canyon in USA. 

Tara canyon is whopping 1330 m deep and 80 km long, which made it qualified to be included into the UNESCO world heritage program of protection. The long (and dangerous) Tara river canyon cascading waters are the true masterpiece of wilderness, twisting and turning through the mountains, with little over 50 rapids, boasting stunning shades of cerulean.  

Tara river rafting boasts unbelievable 10 km filled with rapids, making it an advocate for a true Montenegro adventure. While riding the rapids you will be able to experience much more than sheer speed and adrenaline rush – the impressive view alongside is filled with rocky river terraces, hidden sandy beaches, sharp and scary looking cliffs, and lots of concealed caves and coves just waiting to be discovered. 

All in all, Tara river rafting is an adventure that will delight you, taking you to witness the shortest river and the largest spring in Europe even, apart from ending up with the ultimate adrenaline rush. 

Extreme Zipline over the Tara river canyon

Another treat for Montenegro adventure seekers! The extreme zipline is over the Tara river canyon is reserved only for the bravest of the brave. This is the 1050 m long zipline that speeds up to to 120 km per hour, classified as one of the fastest Zip Lines in the world. 

What makes it so extreme is the sheer fact that you are actually hanging from a cable, over the world’s greatest natural phenomenons, practically flying over at excelarating speed. If you are a true adrenaline junky, you will be awarded in multiple ways, but also by witnessing the dramatic landscape of the magnificent Tara river canyon, as well as the spectacular architecture of the Djurdjevica Tara Bridge, that is also the end point of the Zip Line. 

Jeep Safari on Bjelasica - a 6h long Montenegro adventure

Bjelasica represents a mountain range that spreads across North-Central Montenegro, with the highest point being 2139 m high Crna Glava (Black Head). Bjelasica is one of the most important centers of Montenegro nature tourism, with the advantage of being easily accessible, given that the main road from Podgorica leads straight to Kolasin, the town in the foothill of Bjelasica. 

Given that Bjelasica is notoriously famous for being one of the most beautiful Montenegrin mountains, it’s also heaven for adventure seekers. The jeep safari on Bjelasica is a Montenegro adventure that takes you through the green pastures, mountain villages, near the mountain glacier lakes known as the Mountain eyes. 

At Lake Biogradsko you will be able to rent a boat or hike around the lake if you wish. Whatever you opt for, we promise that this Montenegro adventure is more than picturesque, allowing you to drive, walk, photograph or simply enjoy the view. 

Central region promises lakes and old forts

Central region of Montenegro mainly refers to area of mount Lovcen, around the current and the old capitals of Montenegro – Podgorica and Cetinje, as well as the Skadar Lake, another natural marvel of our country, but let’s see where exactly that takes us

Hiking Montenegro adventure - the conquest of Lovcen

Mountain Lovcen rises directly from the Adriatic basin, creating a unique hinterland where the ancient town of Kotor now stands. Lovcen is famous for its two imposing peaks – 1749 m high Stirovnik, and the slightly lower Jezerski Vrh, standing at 1657 m. The mountain slopes of Lovcen are rocky, creating a certain visual impression that paints a specific scenery. 

The beauty of this hike is that you get to experience the Lovcen mountain with its stunning surrounding area, with a few different views opening up to you once you fulfill the conquest – the view at the deep blue Boka Bay, glossy Skadar Lake and the overall mountain scenery filled with magnificent meadows and mountain peaks.

Since hiking is sure to make you go hungry, on this Montenegro adventure you will be provided with delicious organic foods made locally, the kind of gastro specialties you are unlikely to taste anywhere else – a unique legacy of rich cultural and historical heritage

Spend the day kayaking on the Skadar Lake

Imagine kayaking on the Balkan’s largest lake, paddling in the piece and serenity of the still, green waters of one of the most spectacular natural and cultural sites in Montenegro. So, how Skadar Lake qualifies as an adventure? Well, simply for being a paradise for kayaking! 

The magical Skadar offers a unique view on the rich flora and fauna, ancient ruins of the glorious past, hidden beaches and medieval monasteries. The top quality kayaks can take you through the scenic river channels and the famous water lily bird reservation. The pristine waters of the lake are perfect for the swimming too, so don’t shy from diving in!

Skadar is definitely a place to visit if you’re looking to experience a Montenegro adventure brimming with untouched nature, spectacular scenery hiding rare and protected flora and fauna species, as well as the profound cultural legacy embodied in 14th century monasteries.

Visiting the fortress Gorazda

Now, this is a unique Montenegro adventure with a cultural background – the hike to the Gorazda fort near Kotor. This is a fortification built by the Austro – Hungarian Empire, between 1884-1886, when it replaces an older structure on the same site. 

The fort is situated on the hill of the same name, at 452 m altitude. It has a very symmetrical layout, dominating the hills above Kotor and flanking one of the passages leading to town. The fort has a circular structure which is often very unusual for mountain fortresses – a fine product of the most modern technology and military engineering available at the time it was built. 

Apart from visiting the fort itself, this hike allows you to witness a stunning natural landscape, spectacular view of the endless Boka Bay horizon. 

Coastal Montenegro adventures come in all shades of blue

The coastal Montenegro is nothing short of magical – the gorgeous Boka Bay adorned with ancient medieval towns, pristine blue waters hiding numerous natural wonders, such as concealed natural coves and caves, bays and gorges. Coastal Montenegro offers nothing short of a true adventure, and the following are some of the most exciting activities to embark on.

Pariglide over Boka bay

Paragliding is an ultimate Montenegro adventure on the Adriatic coast, the kind that the real adrenaline junkies always enjoy. This is a kind of adventure that allows you to relish in a beautiful landscape in the mountains, adorned by the walls of ancient forts, various beaches and the Sveti Stefan peninsula. 

Paragliding allows you to float over a beautiful scenery hundreds of feet below you, with the adrenaline rushing constantly through your veins. The best is that you don’t have to be experienced at all in order to embark on this adventure, but simply to be brave enough and eager enough to just fly. 

Cruise the staggering Piva Lake

Piva Lake is located in the northwestern part of the country, in the zone of the mountain Pivska. The lake is the most easily accessible from the coastal region, which is why we included this Montenegro adventure in this area, in the first place. The Piva canyon, that leads to the lake, is a place of an unprecedented beauty, a place where a true Montenegro adventure is ready to take place. 

Piva lake is the second largest, after Skadar lake, and the largest artificial lake in the country decorated with a beautiful blue shade that creates an unreal contrast with a surrounding green forest, leaving no one indifferent. 

This place is a true escapist oasis, a natural sanctuary that can make you feel as if the outer world doesn’t exist. Cruising the still, blue waters of the Piva lake is the best way familiarize yourself with this beauty created by man, but shaped by nature.

Explore the mysterious Lipa Cave

Lipa Cave represents one of the largest cave monuments in Montenegro, with the passage system of 2.5 km long. It was first explored during the Njegos reign, but it was familiar even before his time, when various explorers took upon themselves to be the first who will map out this natural masterpiece. 

If you embark on this unique underground Montenegro adventure, you will witness amazing cave forms and ornaments, hidden corners and a true extreme experience all together. The tour of the cave is suitable for adventurists looking for that boost of excitement, or the curious ones who also want to escape the summer heat in the cold and dark halls of the cave. 

Montenegro adventures shaped as day tours

Whether you found yourselves in Montenegro on a holiday, a road trip or a weekend break, the adventures we proposed are available over the course of the year, except during winter, that tend to be harsh, especially in the mountains. 

Either way, the weather in Montenegro is a deciding factor for most of these adventures, but that should not worry you, since the Mediterranean climate on the coast is mostly pleasant. 

If you’d like, you can also go on organized day tours that all some come in all shapes and sizes, and also represent a way to discover our country in a more profound way. There are wine tours, mountain biking, horseback riding tours and various other options suitable to your desires and your pace. 

Montenegro adventure tours in Porto Montenegro

If you are not in a mood to go all over the place just to get that adrenaline boost, you can always check out some of ours, specially tailored adventure tours. 

Our adventure tours are designed in a unique fashion, in order that our guests get a unique and unforgettable experience while staying at our resort. Our tours are also customized and tailored to the needs of each group, when participants can learn new skills, all while engaging in a range of outdoor sports and cultural activities. 

With us you’ll sail all across the Boka Bay and have a sailing practice with a qualified skipper, participate in a competitive regata and much more. Another option is to try out some mountain sports with us, such as jeep safari and canyoning, or, you could come on a farm tour with us and have a real gourmet experience in Montenegro. 

As you can see, the offer is vast and the possibilities are endless, and all you have to do is book a next flight to Montenegro, accommodate in Porto Montenegro and embark on some of the countless Montenegro adventures and have an experience of a lifetime!

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