Snorkeling Montenegro – the best spots to go with your yacht

Snorkeling is a combination of swimming and diving that everyone can be a part of. Basic equipment required for snorkeling is a diving mask and an elongated hollow tube for breathing called snorkel (hence the name snorkeling). Additional snorkeling equipment also includes accessories such as swim fins and wetsuits for colder bodies of water.

It is a popular activity among tourists in tropical destinations, and some have even called it a variation of a “sea safari” since it provides the experience of observing the underwater wildlife in its natural habitat. Apart from this, by snorkeling in Montenegro waters you will be able to experience an amazing view of underwater wildlife and participate in a popular activity that is fun and easy, which means that everyone can enjoy it.

Over the years, Montenegro is slowly becoming one of the most prestigious travel destinations in the world due to its rich history, beautiful beaches and a wide variety of marine life. All of these make Montenegro an ideal destination for an amazing summer vacation.

Blue Grotto – Explore the breathtaking blue caverns in the open Adriatic

The famous Blue Grotto or as locals call it “Plava šplilja” is one of Montenegro’s most popular natural tourist attractions because of the iridescent blue color.

The name Blue Grotto is derived from the way that the light is manifested. The sunlight is hitting the sandy sea bottom, thus reflecting itself upwards through the water and projecting the color blue onto the roof of the cave and the nearby surroundings.

It is located in the Lustica Peninsula which is full of both aquatic and coastal wildlife and both boat tours and private yachts pass in its immediate surroundings on a daily basis.

The water is only around 16 feet deep, but it gets deeper once you actually go inside the cave. The underwater terrain is a combination of rock and sand which makes it a perfect terrain for underwater wildlife watching, so if you decide to visit the Blue Grotto, don’t forget to bring your equipment so that you can experience snorkeling in Montenegro’s prettiest waters.

Explore the breathtaking waters around Tivat

Tivat is a coastal town located in the central part of bay of Boka and it’s the capital of Tivat municipality. Tivat is one of the biggest tourist centers in Montenegro and is located near the Lustica peninsula.

Tivat is speculated to soon become a nautical tourist center for the southern part of the Adriatic sea because of the wonderful nature in its surroundings and a plethora of luxurious vacation resorts, yacht clubs and restaurants. But also a wide variety of useful infrastructure such as medical centers, marinas for boats and luxurious yachts and an international airport.

Swimming in waters around Tivat is an amazing experience especially if you own a boat, since that way you’ll be able to visit one of the three islands located nearby. St. Marco, Lady of Mercy and the Island of Flowers offer an amazing experience when it comes to snorkeling in Montenegro, since the nature in their surroundings is almost untapped, providing you an opportunity to experience underwater nature at its finest.

A woman snorkeling.

Swimming, Sunbathing and Snorkeling in Budva

Budva is located in the central part of the Montenegrin seaside. It’s an established tourist center and an exceptionally diverse town with a rich cultural heritage and a vivid club scene that hosts some of the world’s best DJs. These clubs are located both in the town itself and its immediate surroundings making Budva an elite tourist destination in Montenegro.

However, an enormous advantage of Budva does not only lie within the town’s diversity, but it’s nature and breathtaking coastline as well. Whether you decide to swim and go snorkeling in Budva’s city beach or one of the more remote beaches like Jaz or Trsteno, that are easily accessible by a vehicle, you will be amazed by the various underwater wildlife that includes fish of different sizes, sea urchins and even turtles.

The best part is after you get tired, you’ll be able to treat yourself to some of the best food and drinks available in Montenegro, only a couple of feet away from the beach itself.

Snorkeling Montenegro – why the Bay of Boka is an excellent choice for this activity

The Bay of Boka also known as the Bay of Kotor is a geographic location that is home to some of the prettiest historical towns that Montenegro has to offer. The bay itself has been inhabited since ancient times and the cities of those days like Kotor, Risan, Persat and Herceg Novi stand to this day.

Apart from its historical values, the Bay of Boka has an extremely vast and beautiful nature on land as well as at sea. It is composed of several smaller bays united by narrow channels which makes the water in these parts slightly warmer than in the rest of Montenegro.

The waters in the Bay of Boka are calm and steady which makes them perfect for boats. So if, given the opportunity, make sure that you visit them and go snorkeling in Montenegro’s most distinctive waters, since their bottoms,, apart from the amazing nature and wildlife, are a home to numerous shipwrecks that have been laying there for centuries.

Montenegro – a hidden gem of the Adriatic Sea

We hope that, after reading this text, you now have a clearer picture of what some of the best destinations in Montenegro have to offer. When it comes to snorkeling Montenegro’s coast is definitely the one you should add to your bucket list.

With a coastline of approximately 295 km, Montenegro is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches of the entire Adriatic coast that will definitely leave you in awe.  With each of them having their own unique feel and distinguishable character, it’s safe to say that, now more than ever, people are calling Montenegro the “hidden gem of the Adriatic sea” and we couldn’t agree more.

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