Top 6 reasons why you should start investing in Montenegro in 2024

Despite all the challenges the world has been facing over the past two years, Montenegro has maintained its reputation as a stable environment for investment. Its property market grows steadily each year, and increasing numbers of investors are choosing Montenegro as a country to safeguard their wealth in.

Now, you may be wondering, why invest in Montenegro?

Montenegro’s dazzling natural beauty and great cultural and gastronomic heritage aren’t the only things that attract so many people to this little European country on the Adriatic coast.

If this has you interested, read on for more details about why Montenegro is becoming more popular among investors worldwide…

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#1 Favourable taxation system and investment-friendly legislation

Although not a member of the EU, Montenegro adopted the euro as its domestic currency in 2002. This was to ease its accession to the European Union, but the decision has brought numerous other benefits to the country and its economy. 

Today, Montenegro is widely known for its low personal and corporate tax rates – the lowest in the Balkan region and one of the lowest in Europe. However, a new tax regime was introduced on 1 January, which changed the tax-calculation scales – Montenegro now uses the progressive taxation system.

Montenegrin real estate taxes are also among the lowest in Europe, making it a great place to invest in luxury real estate. Depending on the value of the property, real estate taxes range from 0.1% to 5%.

Montenegro has signed double-taxation treaties on income and property with more than 40 countries. These treaties allow foreign investors to avoid paying double taxes on their personal and corporate income, as well as income on real estate.

#2 Montenegro – a country of many investment opportunities

Montenegro has a lot to offer to potential investors in a wide range of industries, including mining, tourism and the maritime sector.

However, real estate has proven to be by far the most appealing sector for foreign investors – and coastal real estate is particularly attractive, not only for capital growth but also because it can potentially be used to capitalise on the growing demand for luxurious tourist accommodation.

Montenegro has all the characteristics of a lucrative destination for high-end tourism. The mild Mediterranean climate, with 240 sunny days a year, together with its astonishing natural beauty, rich cultural tradition, and access to the Adriatic Sea make it a very attractive place for tourism development.

Combine those advantages with the unique benefits of Porto Montenegro – its luxurious residential village, its extraordinary lifestyle and the diverse activities it offers – and this beautiful place becomes a compelling proposition.

#3 Montenegro keeps track with the latest trends

The global pandemic has caused major upheavals in the world’s property market, but Montenegro has remained a stable investment by successfully answering the demands of buyers and navigating the global circumstances.

Following the latest real estate trends, Porto Montenegro’s property portfolio offers the most sought-after features, such as spaciousness and open-plan living spaces, combined with luxury interiors, and private outdoor areas. These are present in every Porto Montenegro residence.

#4 Sustainable living and eco-conscious choices for a healthier environment

In today’s age of mass production, our planet has suffered, and many people are turning to a more sustainable lifestyle. At Porto Montenegro we also advocate this change, striving to create a more eco-friendly living environment by continually introducing new sustainability initiatives. We are proud of what we have achieved so far, and constantly strive to improve in this area.

If you are looking for a permanent residence in an eco-aware place, you will find it in Porto Montenegro. Here, sustainability and luxury blend together, giving you the opportunity to lead a luxurious but eco-conscious life.

coastal area in montenegro

#5 Investing in property – location as a dominant factor

With investment-friendly legislation and favourable taxation laws making Montenegro a great place for many forms of investment, more and more people are choosing to invest in coastal real estate

In real estate investing, it’s well known that location is one of the most important factors, as it has a major impact on the potential for appreciating value.

Coastal real estate – the most lucrative of all

Residences by the sea are a great choice for buyers who wish to enjoy the coastal lifestyle or to offer as rental options that will command higher prices because they are more sought-after for both longer-term and holiday rentals.

If you plan to use the property as your own home, it’s important to know that the value of real estate near water is the most stable; it rarely drops and almost always rises, no matter the changes in the market.

If you’re looking for a spacious and luxurious residence in a central location, with breathtaking views and access to excellent amenities, our Elena Residencies and Regent Pool Club Residences are worth exploring.

Boka Place – an urban quarter offering great advantages 

It’s not only locations on the immediate waterfront that have a great potential as investments. Situated slightly back from the shore at the entrance to Porto Montenegro, our newest urban-style quarter, Boka Place, has great investment potential for several reasons.

Its location, set back from the water, means that its prices are lower than for properties on the immediate sea front.

Porto Montenegro – spacious and luxurious apartments that fulfil different needs

Our luxurious real estate development, located in beautiful Boka Bay in the heart of the Adriatic coast, meets the diverse needs of people with many different tastes, styles and life goals.

If you’re a digital nomad, in Porto Montenegro you will find a place for yourself, and the opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of working by the seaside. If you’re a family, you can find your new forever home, which will provide you with carefree and peaceful living.

If you seek a wellness lifestyle you can connect with nature and create harmony between your mind, body and soul. And if you have a taste for luxurious style, you can indulge in all that our luxury shops, exclusive restaurants, and high-end events have to offer.

So if you are considering making a new investment or choosing a place to live or spend your free time, make sure to explore Porto Montenegro’s residences and become a proud owner of our beautiful homes.

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